Non linear modeling of real amps using the MOD

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know if it could be feasible to develop a plugin that could act as a Kemper style non-linear modeler, where one could take a real signal chain (Pedals/Amp/Microphone), and feed its output into the mod’s plugin, while the plugin output would be fed to the signal chain. The profile could then be recorded on the Mod for later use.

Would anyone in the community know how to do that?

I’ve found this PhD Thesis that contains a lot of information about non linear modeling and emulation for guitar signal chains:

This is the webpage of the author


There is the tubeAmp-Designer
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which do exactly that, it’s a stand alone application, but open source.
I forgot to mention that the resulting profile could then be loaded in the tubeAmp, which is a LV2 plugin.


Fantastic !!! That would be so great to have it directly embeded in a Mod plugin ! Maybe a bit heavy for the Duo, but probably manageable for the Dwarf or the Duo X !

Just a question : is this thing able to emulate a full signal chain (including pedals, cabinets, microphones) or just an Amp?

I haven’t used it, but according to the developer you could emulate a full signal chain (hard or software)

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Hi, I am the author of the Thesis above :slight_smile: .
I can’t really help, since I am working for Transpose, a company that develops digital technology for Marshall.

But if you want more information, you can visit my website where you can find, dataset, code, listening test.

You can also look at my papers here:

researchgate. net/project/Nonlinear-emulation-of-audio-systems-in-real-time (remove space, I think I am not allowed to put link ?)

I didn’t know about this MOD processor, it sounds very interesting, I wish you luck with that :wink:


Thank you very much for your advice Thomas ! And congratulations for your new job !

Wishing you all the best !