Noises, crackles, why?

Hello, everything is in the title :slight_smile: I have crackles when I use the dwarf mod even with very few effects loaded (see photo).

I feel like this happens more when I am logged into the GUI. Do you have any idea what caused this?

Here is an audio sample of my bass where we can clearly hear famous noises.

Thanks for your help

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Same shit I found on Mooer products. Does it happen even with no plugins in the chain?

Yes, same same !
Anybody else have these problems ?

This is a report quite new for us and I can tell you that the developers are already investigating.
You don’t have any CPU or RAM spikes, do you? The cracks sound as if you were having them, but it makes no sense with so little plugins.
Does it produce the crackes as well without inputing audio? Try to use a generator plugin or a sample on the Audio File plugin

I’ve experienced it with Mooer even using a battery power bank. I suspect is something related to A/D converters. Hope I’m wrong

I have a source audio Soleman with expression pedal i that send midi to the MOD DWARF and I wonder if the problem isn’t caused by the midi message when I map one or few parameters of the dwarf with this expression pedal. I will spend more time on it to find the potential cause.

But no problem with CPU or RAM.

Hi! Same here - I get random crackling with very basic guitar setup ala TS + cab (I noticed some random CPU spikes). Also crackling occures when I turn “the knobs” inside browser (is it like midi send/recieve?). I tried add the limiter at the end - it makes no difference.

To me this sounds like it’s probably ground noise in your setup.
What do you hear without usb connected? (assuming you are accessing the device over usb network)

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Yes, still wired but not connected to GUI.

I’m getting a loud earth buzz on my Dwarf with the Dwarf having no connection at all between input and output on the pedal board, nothing connected to input, just my amplifier connected to output. Nothing else connected, I’ve detached the PC and the USB connection I had. The only wires going into the Dwarf are the power supply and the cable to the amp. I’ve used a couple of cables to connect to the amp, no difference. I have tried using the same and different power sockets, I’ve used the earth lift on the amp (although that only affects the effect channel, the Dwarf in pre input). If I use the balanced input on the Dwarf the noise is still there, but slightly quieter. The amplifier is a MarkBass CMD 121P which is humless with any other effects or multipedals, sound cards, mp3 players attached!

Unfortunately I don’t have any solutions, but I am curious.

Are you using a balanced cable (TRS) from the output of the dwarf into the MarkBass?

No, I’m not, just a standard guitar cable with an adaptor to go into the balanced TRS socket.

As the outputs from the dwarf are balanced I’ve wondered if that would make a difference.

I’ve just put a hum destroyer in line and that has killed the hum - as it would! I have some fairly serious guitar/bass cables, but I think a balanced cable needs to be 3 way, so not a 1/4 inch socket - not sure but that is what I thought.

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I noticed a drop here between 2:43 - 2:44
Is it related to video/audio editing?

Here also, between 3:06 - 3:07

Here a little pop just right before Gianfranco starts playing guitar at 3:27 (turn your volume way up to spot it)

Another drop here between 3:37 - 3:39

I can clearly hear some pops later in the video as described by T-Pulse

A little pop on the left channel here (turn your volume way up to spot it) between 2:40 - 2:41

Few here (turn your volume way up to spot it) between 0:20 - 0:24

Do you still have the noises if you don’t use the controller?

Have your tried the balanced cable from the Dwarf to the amp? Also, a DI may help you out too. If you can test it it would be great to let us know the results

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These cracks were generated on the computer that was doing the capture (not so powerful) and the OBS session

Thanks, would be nice to hear similar new recordings from Gianfranco (audio only) in order to check if those noises are actually there.

Yep I thought so too, but then I saw this: What is the difference between a balanced and unbalanced mono jack?

They seem relatively cheap to buy, so my plan was to try one when my Dwarf arrives :slight_smile: as it sounds like the hum might be due to the balanced out / unbalanced in miss-match.