Noises, crackles, why?

So we need to use a balanced cable from the output even if the destination isn’t balanced??

I don’t think that that would work, but you can use a hum destroyer which works as well. Or have a look at getting rid of ground loops online. I use a balanced cable when I use my amp with a balanced input and a hum destroyer in other circumstances - this one: Behringer | Product | HD400 which allows the use of normal guitar cables. If you have a DI box (or any other device with ground lift) that would work as well.

It seems odd. Why does the Mod Dwarf need all this extra stuff to avoid noise where my HXfx and every other processor I’ve used on guitar is fine.

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I think noise pops out when you use the Dwarf with high voltage devices in the chain. When used standalone it should be more than ok.

Hmm ok. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see when mine arrives. After such a massively long wait, I hope this thing is worth it. Hah.

I have some pretty serious noise (discussed in this thread: [solved] High noise level at all times) with only my Dwarf and my amp (no other effects, even no input connected to the Dwarf).

I plan to do some extensive troubleshooting Monday, but I’m hoping other people’s experience doesn’t mirror my own.

Same here, I finally hope that it is my unit which dysfunctions, MOD is working on this and send us a beta but actually it does not fix my pb.
I am curious to know if any one, directly plugging its Dwarf, even without effect in board, in an amp (tube or not), has no noise added vs a direct guitar connection ?

I must add that there are crackles when I turn buttons for input/output adjustment.

Experiencing the same general issues. Contacted support.

Just received mine, I hear pops here and there like I’ve already experienced with Mooer. I own a Boss GT-1000core too and no clicks and pops with it (same guitar, cables, mixer).

Guys I got my Dwarf today, plugged directly into a monitor and used a box to kill the ground loop and for the crackles I adjusted the INPUT level. The rest is great, I made my first pedal board which I still want to modify and I learned how to assign switches B and C and I find it all very useful.

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Which box are you using to “kill the ground loop”?

Could you share a couple of clips before and after using the hum killer?

Of course, Using a ground loop killer is a pretty common thing, I don’t personally think it’s a flaw. In fact, for years I have bought this killer ground loop and I always carry it with me during concerts, it is in the guitar case because it can always be used.

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Absolutely. I had mine with me all the time, to the point that I stopped testing each venue and just plugged it in every concert.

It is not. A longer discussion is on this thread.

And, most importantly, ground loops are never a manufacturer’s fault. Even though it can be addressed by adding the very component of a ground loop killer (the audio isolation transformer), it comes at a hefty price.

Or else, it can be fixed at the power source level – that is, filtering the DC line. But it also comes at a premium, with fully isolated units easily costing 200 Euro or more for 6-9 outputs, and 300 for more than 10.

FWIW, here are some high quality units in the market, aside from what @LorisDonatelli already suggested above:

Lehle P-ISO and P-Split
Palmer PLI-01
Radial Engineering has several models, with the StageBug being the most guitarist-friendly. (And for those in need to converting balanced to unbalanced, the J-Iso model does that.)

and there are plenty from other top manufacturers. But bear in mind that cheap and good are enemies here.

(Disclaimer: I use Lehle.)

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Sorry about the necroposting :pray:

Are there any known plugins that cause the ticks and crackles?

After troubleshooting one of my pedalboards (gain levels everywhere and input level in the device) I found it was the governor overdrive causing it. CPU was not peaking at any time.

Is there anyway to avoid this if I want to use this plugin?

Also if it’s not too much work to explain I’d like to understand why is it causing this crackles. :face_with_monocle:

I’m using Duo X.

It’s possible that it’s just the kind of fry introduced by distortion. Try another distortion plugin with the same level of drive and check if you get the same noise. Recording the noise could also help.

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Thank you. I’ll try that!

Also have a look at the XRUN counter


Idk what this is but I’ll look it up. Thanks for helping!