Noise Suppressor

How to reduce the feedback of a chain of almost 3-4 distortions?

The “TAP Mono Dynamics” plugin works pretty good as a noise gate. I’d use one of this before the first overdrive/distortion stage and one after the last stage (usually after the amp simulation).

IMHO using more than one overdrive/distortion before the amp simulation is (in most cases) counterproductive, because it just leads to “muddy” results. Usually you get much better results by finding a good balance between the gain of the distortion-pedal and the gain of the amp, this applies both for crunch and for high gain sounds.

Thank you, I’ll try it. If I rappel correctly, I just put the simulation between two ts9-types of overdrive because I need a warm tiny sound with tons of harmonics for my leads. I’m pretty happy with the result a part from all of that buzz. By the way, adding two compressors will definitively destroy all the dynamics, that now are near to the zero level…it would be cool that the Duo would be able to fit such kind of playing:

The TAP Mon Dynamics isn’t working as a noise gate for me…

Is there another noise gate plugin? Maybe something with more adjust-ability?

You could try running distortions in parallel and putting EQs on the output of each.
This way you could pull the tones you like the best from each pedal.
Or just put EQs in various points in your current board. Then you can pull down the frequencies that are causing your issues.

I also learned that expanders are a great alternative to gates.

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