Noise (noob here, thanks)

Hi I’m a noob here with a new Mod Dwarf, lovin’ it apart from the electrical noise that, I now realise isn’t a new thing for those of you here.

Sorry to sound like an echo of days gone by, but is there a fix for this?

Thanks, Sarren :slight_smile:

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Welcome! The noise subject has been discussed many times here with solutions ranging from a few dollars (non-grounded power supply) to the very expensive (active DI solution). Which solution works for you will depend on how you’re using your system and the various connections. I think the 2 easiest and cheapest things to try are:

  1. get another IEC cable (like the very short one included with the Dwarf) and pull out the ground pin, or use a cable without ground pin (not sure where you are geographically).
  2. try another 12V power supply with a 5.5/2.1mm barrel connector that supplies somewhere ~2A (though many have reported not needing that much power)

If either of those things work, you’re in luck :slight_smile:


of course, the zero-cost solution is to enable ground loop compensation on the dwarf’s settings. It comes at the cost of some CPU cycles, but again, costs no money.


when you talk about noise what cables do you have connected? Changes the noise if you disconnect it from usb?

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hi everyone,

thanks for replies … yes I’ve rad through other threads and realise there are many options but so far, none of the above worked …

that is until as a last resort I went through the ‘box of a thousand cables’ that is underneath cobwebs in the shed, cables that have been with me through 4 re-locations that I’ve been collecting ‘just in case’ for the last 20 years

and behold, a power supply that kills the sound and delivers a clear signal

please join me in giving praise to the ‘box of a thousand cables’ that we keep ‘just in case’ :smile:


Glad it worked out, @Darren_Poyzer !!

All hail the mighty Box of a Thousand Cables!

May our spouses acknowledge that the Box of a Thousand cables – along with the nuts & bolts jar and the cup full of twist-ties – one day will save their lives!