No real Multiband-Compressor available on MOD

MOD’s missing out on real Multiband-Compressors!
MDA doesn’t sport Attack/Release on all bands each. Quite annoying… a multiband has to have those in each frequency band.

I´ve heard the “Beta” GXMultibandCompressor (Guitarix) has a severe bug… so, I haven´t dared so far…
Are there alternatives?

Also, I´d love to see different Compressor-Models:
FET, Optical, U name it… hm… Bummer

So I wanna recreate it. Possible how?.. any ideas?
I achieved this so far:

but the character of the plugin-pedal isn´t what I was looking for.


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That is new to me, and I’ve wrote it once.
I know that the MOD UI is broken, but, to be honest I’m not responsible for that, it was done once by the MOD team, and there is not much I could do to fix that. MOD still using there own fork of guitarix to provide the guitarix plugs, they are somewhat outdated, more then 3 years behind upstream.
Still the compressor itself didn’t have a bug also in that old version, as far I know.


I only read quite recently that the one from Guitarix may destroy ears and equipment after a so-called severe bug…JFYI, what’s around

Sounds like a serious source :joy:
I didn’t receive a single bug report for it since I wrote it, and, my equipment is still okay. Right, my ears wasn’t what they was 20 years ago, but that is a a other story. :upside_down_face:


Wtf? The “source” is this forum.
Be a bit more constructive btw

As I said, I got no report at all, constructive would be if you add a link to your information source.


And, you said I should be a bit more constructive, so there is as well the Calf Multiband Compressor in beta:

but, that one comes without UI, and I’m pretty sure you’ll find reports in the www that it may damage your (insert what ever you want)