No luck with Control Chain shield


I’ve been fiddling around with Control Chain for a little while now. I realised my ambitions were a bit too high for my first project, so I decided to go for something much simpler that I can achieve quickly (basically a variation of the expression pedal example file).

I thought I might have damaged my control chain shield when trying to modify it for my last project so I bought a new one, and I’m using a Genuino Uno instead of a Mega this time, should be a very straight-forward project, or so I thought.

Anyway, it just doesn’t seem to work. I attach the shield, upload the ‘Pot’ example to start with, but I get nothing useful, not notifications on the MOD, nothing.

So next I went through the debug steps, and installed cc-master on my computer. When I run that I get the following output:

[cc-lib] control chain started (port: /dev/ttyACM0, baud rate: 115200)

And the RX light on the board stays lit.

I have run test sketches like Blink, and some of the Serial Port tests on the arduino, so I’m fairly comfortable that the arduino itself isn’t broken.

I’m using the latest release of the ControlChain library, and I’m using Timer1 installed from the Arduino IDE rather than downloading.

Any further thoughts?



Ah, so it seems to be working now.

I didn’t change anything, but I did happen to switch to Ubuntu over the weekend, so perhaps by doing a fresh install of the Arduino IDE and clean install of the libraries etc I replaced something that I had messed up previously while trying to port it to use Timer3 for the Mega.

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Hi @guysherman,
I am sorry I did not reply earlier. Thank you very much for sharing this update.
Best regards