No Device and MIDI control at the same time?

MIDIdesigner2 over a Quiccosound m.1 BT MIDI dongle, works great with my iPhone.

The bummer part is when I assign MIDI controllers, I loose the device assignments!
That`s terrible, at least for me. I would want to control a parameter from within the machine, but also remotely.
Lets say you are working the looper, and you want to engage a distortion pedal, but that is a couple of pages away. So instead of tap-dancing the poor Dwarf, I would have a MIDIDdesigner setup, with all the distortion / delay / modulations switches on one iPhone page.

Please fix this…

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We are aware of this “issue” and are already investigating for potential solutions.

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Great to read this !
Do you have any idea how to get there now ?

For now it is just quite a hell :

  • put a Control to CV - MOD Devices and a the infamous mindi - MOD Devices on your pedalboard
    → the Control to CV value should be 10
    → the Control to CV on/off switch will be the device control, assign it and name it with the effect you want to trigger
    → name the CV output (so it can be used by other plugins)
    → the infamous value should be controlled by the CV of the Control to CV (so it will be 0 or 127)
  • the infamous midi sends a CC message that controls the ON/OFF switch a the effect you want to double-control
    → connect the midi output to the midi loopback, so your plugin can “hear” the midi signal send by the infamous mindi
    → assign the effect you want to double control this this midi signal

So for each plugin you want to trigger with midi AND with the device you have to add AND configure 1 Control to CV and 1 infamous mindi. But in the end, with this method you won’t see on the moddevice’s screen if the effect has been trigger or not with midi :sob:

Making it possible directly in the assignment page of each parameters would be quite a time saver !!! And the moddevice’s screen would also show the real statue of the effect !!!

PS : the Infamous midi controls from channel 0 to 15 but it send +1 (from 1 to 16). Is it normal ?



Regarding the rest, the methods that you described are still the best. It’s quite of a bummer, I admit, but for the time being that’s the workaround.
I will map you as a requester for this :slight_smile:


Okay… Can I ask why ? Am I the only one who find this strange ?

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Hello @Rom,

there is a bit math envolved here.
I just found a wiki about MIDI and MIDI channels.
I hope this clarifies nomenclature a bit.

Greetings and God bless, Marius

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Thanks for this doc, it clarifies why there is 16 channels, but not why the infamous mindi - MOD Devices plugin shows that it sends a message on the channel 0 when the Dwarf receive this message in channel 1. It could be more user friendly to harmonize those things, isn’t it ?

The two midi controllers I have used show 1 to 16, it seams like the norm to show the channel choice in those midi sending machines… no ?


No, I also find it strange. But basically it’s one of that cases that the developer used one implementation and the MOD device uses a different one


Oh okay !
I thought Mod was developing of this one, I now see the link to Spencer Jackson on the plugin page

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If it was we would have free way to make it match.