Next Gen 2 - MOD Devices


THIS PEDALBOARD HAS ISSUES. Posted for MOD team to inspect. Bug report has been submitted. Plugins show default settings when GUI gets info from MOD. (Details in Bug report) Designed for use with my NS/Stick. Channel 1 is for the bass side with bass EQ turned all the way up and treble EQ turned all the way down and blend a thin sound with the bassy tone on the pedalboard to taste. Channel 2 is for Melody side of NS/Stick. Blend in Delay and Reverb to taste. Nice Clean tone. Change distortion to taste. Sustainer for nice long sustained notes for lead. I have switches in line for assigning to DUO switches and external Midi Switch (KM Softstep).

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According to the MOD team, there is no issue with this pedalboard. In the current rev (1.05) the GUI times out before getting everything loaded. The load time will be increased to accomodate this pedalboards with many pedals. A more robust fix will be implemented in the following major update.
You should be able to try this pedalboard out if you are interested.