New Synth I found

I came across this synth / Modular / DAW thingy today and thought it might be of interest to a few of the guys here (Elk et al)

Looks really cool and its free or 15 dollars if you are feeling generous.

Looks a bit easier to use the Reaktor so fingers crossed




I love the features of this! :sweat_smile:
Will check it out as well :wink:


I’d 100% have a blast with this if it could be ported to the mod platform!

I generally record with hardware synths, but after I get my DUOX in hand, I’m gonna work on making pieces with just my MOD gear and perhaps my tracker.

I’m waiting for a particular tracker to enter production as I want to make a really tight and focused workspace that I can film easily.

If I can get a beefy generator like this bespoke synth on the mod platform, you probably wouldn’t hear from me for months due to me sampling and building sounds haha

I will say that a lot of the bespoke modules do look familiar to ones in the mod plugins at least a couple of the sequencers and midi filters look familiar


Yeah this doesn’t make a lot of sense. How would this have anything to do with MOD?

  1. Bespoke is a standalone synth (they are looking at turning it to a plugin, but imo totally not worth it)
  2. MOD is already a modular plugin host - it can already do all the things that Bespoke does
  3. Even if you could run Bespoke as an LV2 plugin you would only be able to run patches, no interface to control it at all. Getting the python scripting to work would be super hard. The plugin hosting would be impossible.

What is the point here exactly?

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Sorry but dont understand your point. You are right it has nothing to do with MOD. Hence placed in Random.

As muscians sometimes we want to share ideas or stuff we come across. Especially if its a bit quirky or Free!

And yes it doesnt need to be ported to the MOD but it does have a couple of cool features that would be nice to have . Although I would prefer to just have my Dwarf turn up at some point.

In the meantime I like experimenting with gear and sound and enjoyed exploring the synth.


Sure, but just because it’s opensource and audio software doesn’t mean that it makes sense to “port it to MOD” :slight_smile:
(it was a reply to @Elk_wrath btw not to this topic which is a nice share)

The modular concepts in Bespoke are pretty cool, especially since the author actually doesn’t have any modular experience! (that and all the signal lines having a built in oscilloscope)

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There were several modules in the little trailer that I’d be interested in seeing on a mod device, particularly some of the sequencers, I also liked some of the UI elements. Would be cool to be able to skin our boards down the road.

Bespoke doesn’t list their plugins as far as I can see, so I can’t really speak as to what other plugins are available. But I recognized a significant number of modules that overlapped. I primarily use my dwarf for effects, I haven’t really even dug into the generator section enough to build a simple synth yet.

It costs me exactly $0 dollars to be nice and make conversation with people. I am a person who plays with hardware, and I’ve never had intentions on messing with VST’s or DAWs, but I also had no intentions to be rude when I am mentioned in conversation. I don’t have a computer to run soft synths anyway.

Sorry if I offended you.

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Sure it wasn’t taken as offensive, just that it takes some consideration before suggesting all the software should be ported to MOD :wink:
Bespoke doesn’t have plugins, they are internal modules that are part of the program.
It does have a module that acts as a plugin-host through which you can then host audio plugins.

Looking at some of the UI/UX and take some suggestions from Bespoke to MOD is of course useful to analyze, but as a software MOD and Bespoke are not compatible because of many technical reasons.

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Ah that makes sense, I only did a cursory glance because I don’t have the capability to download and run it to explore it more.

I do think the overall UI is pretty cool, it would be super chaotic to try to use on the mod platform and I imagine that the animations could be pretty taxing on the performance. I think it would be pretty awesome to be able to add a little UI customization down the road, maybe colors or themes.

Bummer that they are modules rather than plug ins, there was a cool circular looking sequencer I glimpsed that I would like to know more about.

It reminds me of a generative sequencing app I use from time to time on my iPad when I’m working on sounds.

I spoke too quickly regarding porting anything to the MOD platform, and that is largely due to my ignorance regarding digital audio file systems and how plugins are actually ported or coded. No harm no foul, and I learned something the hard way, thanks for the information!


I don’t remember if I saw this thread originally, but feel like I just stumbled on Bespoke. Haha one of my first thoughts was “would be cool to port this to the MOD”.

OK, but why should that preclude anyone from dreaming about possibilities of running other packages on the hardware? You have a Linux computer wired with audio hardware - why wouldn’t you think about running other things like SonicPi, Faust, Tidal, or Bespoke on it? Sometimes I open Mixbus and do stuff. Sometimes I open Garageband and do stuff. Aside from both being able to process audio files, they are largely incompatible with other - am I doing something wrong?

No doubt the UI and workflow benefit from the assumption of a (computer) keyboard present. As far as taxing the system it should run as well as it would on any similarly powered PC which should be pretty modest by today’s standards. The UI for Bespoke will be handled in low-level code and very performant. The tradeoff MOD has to make is shuttling data across a local network, having the browser receive and parse it, calling some user-space code to initiate the actual UI update, and then relying on the browser’s rendering pipeline to process the change. This is all orders of magnitude slower than running in-memory code that the graphics chips read from directly (to oversimplify things a bit). (This also assumes a MOD device could theoretically drive a monitor (computer screen) via USB or some other method)