New sequencer?

So I’m working on a patch where I use a CV based sequencer being transposed by another MOD sequencer.

I love the process, as it is definitely working the way I want.

That being said…

Is there a more convenient option?

Any plans for a sequencer that just allows me to assign pitch, octave, gate, and velocity, in an environment that doesn’t require midi values?

I’d love a sequencer that gives me those basic parameters and not having to do math for 127 values based on note+octave.

For example, I don’t know what value 62 is giving me. If it’s an A note in octave 4 then just let me choose the note from my scale, and an octave. A4 is a great way to present that rather than midi value.


The CV world you live in, and the specific request you’re expressing, are well beyond my experience.

But the x42 sequencers do include “A4” style notation. Select the “M” option beneath the note name column.

If this comment misses the mark entirely, I apologize.


That’s the sequencer I’m talking about.

Now if you go into the actual settings, everything is based on midi value from what I’ve been able to see.

I want the actual settings to represent note and octave rather than the midi number.

If you press on the note/octave name, it shifts one note up at a time. Unfortunately, if you dont know midi values, you have to do a trial and error.

I suppose I could just memorize the chart by using multiples of 12, but that slows down a lot of setup and programming imo


How much does this guy look like a no-heroin John Lydon?

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@Elk_wrath do you mean a CV sequencer or a MIDI sequencer with more settings than simply the MIDI note?


Hi Jon!

I was just looking for the midi sequencer with the data presented differently. I still very shaky on my scales, so seeing a note name rather than a number would be pretty helpful. Even a scale and numbers would make more sense to me than midi values.

I’ll watch that video to see if I can speed up the process, but I own several hardware sequencers that will do what I want. I am hoping to use the MDX as the transposition sequencer and save another power cable haha

I need to dig into the sequencer a bit more and see if it can do polyrhythm stuff or not.

I think I made a request for a CV quantizer as a separate thing for my analogue sequencer.

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Ok. Thanks for the clearance. So simply notes instead of MIDI values?
No velocity or so? Can I bump in your request to add the velocity request and also be able to select what message type are we sequencing? haha


You can add as many features to this request as you’d like :wink:

The more the better tbh haha

Velocity would be awesome to add for most applications, and the added message type would be awesome too


There are also interesting sequencers in Cardinal.


Unfortunately, I still cannot use cardinal; but it would be cool to port that over as a plugin.


@Elk_wrath, first of all thanks…I can’t really add any feature… :frowning_face:
Actually @khz touched an interesting point here.
I don’t know if I’m imagining something, but I remember @falkTX asking somewhere here if some of you were interested on getting some Cardinal modules ported for the MOD. @falkTX now you can kill me if I’m just imagine this


You are correct, I believe he was wanting to do a poll regarding porting some key stuff over from cardinal.

Sadly I can’t help with that as I don’t have access to cardinal haha

Here is the thread:


Here you have an overview of all modules in Cardinal.

However, you have to search manually for the modules / documentation on the Internet.
This directly in the mod device / Cardinal retrievable would be very good.

Actually all ~943 modules would be good if they were directly usable on the mod device. :smiley:


As far as I know, there are some overlaps. Almost 1000 modules may also be quite some work, but I guess that with a good enough priority list, @falkTX may be able to slowly push some stuff.


Maybe create a wrapper for the Cardinal modules, that enables the GUI of the module and its available inputs and outputs to be seen
People can choose the modules themselves saving porting 1000 over.

I know the MOD cardinal is sort of a wrapper but it’s a very clunky operation at present - although better than none what so ever.

Or maybe Falktx can show what is needed to fit the MOD structure and let the forum take care of it - appreciate I’m making that sound a lot easier than I’m sure it is.


Why not? It’s available to all major operating systems and more!

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I’m on iPadOS and android haha

I haven’t had a need for a computer since college, and it appears that the devices I do own don’t have access to the internet due to hardware failures.

Sadly, the iPad isn’t exactly useful as a laptop in terms of features. Has great apps, but I can’t install any actual programs.


It is actually possible to run AU plugins on iOS … so perhaps the Cardinal AU build can run there as well? :wink:


an iPad without internet is pretty useless for this anyway, you can’t sideload apps on iOS.

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