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Hey fellas!

Had some minor set backs this last week due to a broken camera gimbal and musician’s friend sending me an absolute piece of trash instead of a new synth… However I am moving forward and picking up steam. Also got a fat discount on a new Dreadbox Typhon for my troubles.

Since I am focusing on creating an album for the first time, I figured I would collect samples from my first track and share them with you as I record them. This will also include samples recorded but not used. I’m not a good judge of my own material, so its fair to let you decide whether you like the sound or not.

Everything recorded is from my hardware, so no EULA concerns on anyones end. The drum samples are software but free use. I’ll avoid more drums and maybe provide midi patterns instead.

My Deepmind 12 is out of frame, but is recorded.

These are free to any of you that want them, and hopefully you dig them.

These are 8 bar loops that I have not chopped up at all. As I progress, I may chop these down into one shots for ease of use.

I’m keeping my set up as analog as possible. I typically try to avoid recording effects so that you can apply your own. Unless the effects are used for sound design and then you’re pretty much at the mercy of my personal tastes.

There are both 16 bit and 24 bit recordings, and of course are free to use with the permission granted here.

I will add a text note for a “license” in the folder at some point.

As I continue to flesh out my track over the next week or so, I’ll upload new samples.


Is that Touché regular or the SE? I still mean to hook mine up with CV to the 2600 :smiley:

Mine is the the CV based unit :smiley:

I have been making control surfaces (keys and CC assignments) on my Erae for each of my hardware synths for patch design. I was about to integrate my CV.OCD to let the erae control the barp 2600.

You just reminded me that I had an easy solution right next to my hand lol

I will be patching that bad boy up tomorrow!

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I’ve uploaded a Creative Commons license into the folder with a second file that has a link to the license in easy to understand language.

I am not sure if that is the correct license for open source, so please let me know if I need a different license.

Here is a WIP track using everything in the sample pack provided so far.

This is the intro to my first track on my album. I am hoping to record 15-30 tracks over the next six months. I’ll select a handful of the ones I like most, and spend several months on the mixing and mastering.

I’ll continue to add samples until track 1 is finished.


anything besides CC-0 is not really suitable for audio samples or things from which people build upon. this is because the “share alike” spills over the music production phase and the whole composition then needs to also be CC + “share alike”.

See the licensing details on for more information on this.


Thank you for the info!

I have updated the license to CC-0.

I am only offering the link on the MOD forums, and I have also linked this thread onto the youtube video description.



First track is done. Its called “Triumph”.

I don’t feel like I’ve contributed enough, so I will continue to add samples as I see fit through out the year.

In the meantime, I have completed a song that I like and will absolutely listen to (which has always been my number 1 goal).

Hope you enjoy the groove :slight_smile:


I have signed up with distrokid, and have released this single on all platforms under Elk Wrath Records.

My Soundcloud:

Thanks to everyone who have been encouraging me. This is my first step to my end goal :slight_smile: