New release: Guitar Synths

Dear members of the MOD community

We are proud to announce the launch of the Guitar Synths, a result of an effort that gravitates around the recently launched Audio-to-CV Pitch plugin.

Check out the promo video:

In order to get everyone up and running with minimum effort, we have created five pedalboards that cover a wide range of different synth sounds. You can get them here.

We also prepared videos for the different audiences, with an overview of the synths, demos of the created pedalboards, and the anatomy of the guitar synth, so that CV aficionados can dive deeper into the subject and come up with new pedalboards.

We have created a landing page in our website with all this information for your convenience.

Hope you guys like it. We are very excited to hear your opinion.

Best wishes



Nice to see you guys have a load of fun with this one!

The Guitar Synths - Introduction and Overview has extremely low volume though. Would be good to make sure that videos you post have good audio quality, as this also reflects on the product somewhat.




!Note to self. The CPU load of the Dwarf is almost twice as high as that of the modx. A very big difference.

This is all very encouraging, except that I don’t have my Dwarf - MODDevices does!
:slightly_smiling_face: I hope you’re able to figure out what’s wrong with it.

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I believe you are referring to the Overview video.

Just fixed it :slight_smile:

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Fixed :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback


Yeah…we got it already and it should be fixed asap.

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Great job, great video folks.

My goal in life was to achieve the hotness of that ukelele player at 0:57.

But now I realise it is not ever going to happen, so my life has lost all its meaning.



I’m selling all my gear and giving up music now.


Yep much better.
Have you adjusted that

as well? I still find the language there to be too quiet.



This adds one, maybe two use cases to my already extended list of use cases of the Dwarf.

An idea for later on:

  1. gather community boards
  2. it would look less daunting if you pre-bake some of those boards (like below) into 1 (or just a few) plugins with some fixed parameters and some you are able to manipluate. A dirty synth, a whopping one, a pulsing one…

I have 2 EHX guitar pedals that kinda do this.
the C9 organ pedal and the Bass pedal.
I love these. Check what they offer in one box :wink:



@jesse :grin:

thanks :slight_smile:

maybe you really need to set a call with @jesse :sweat_smile: he can give you some tips :wink:



Good point. It helps the analog synthesis illiterate (e.g., me) to better understand how each device works and how to effectively combine them. Every time I see a modular setup (even a small one) I keep thinking that if I operate one, it’ll short circuit or explode.

Hotness and coolness cannot be taught. One has it or not. At most, I could ask him where to buy that lovely matching rainbow head and wristband, but since I have no hair that completely defeats the purpose.

See you all in my next incarnation.


I also have no hair, but will rock a head band in the summer. In fact, I try to white trash it up on the regular. Tank tops, pit vipers, disgusting mustache, cut off Jean vest, skinny jeans, and boots. Can’t forget all muh murican flags, and loud motorcycle.

I’m considering the skullet tbh.

Well, yeah, short circuit is a possibility. Explosion though? Make sure you record because that’d be badass.

Factually incorrect. As long as my mom is alive, I’m both Cool and Handsome :sunglasses:

I got married so I have a back up source of confidence :smiley:


There used to be some nice CV and analog synthesis tutorials online, but most of them are now behind courses or paywalls. As an introduction to synthesis itself, this one from Ableton is perhaps the simplest and yet most well-designed and effective tutorial I could find:

It is possible to understand what CV modules do, at least to some extent.

It’d blow up the spot – literally and metaphorically.

As long as you don’t sing “Macarena” while at it, there’s still hope for humankind.

(PS: don’t forget the Elvis’ buckle.)

Hmm… I seriously need to ask my mother for a DNA test.


And I was just thinking the other day, that one day I’d need to buy a C4 synth pedal, but not any more!! (Thanks)