New plugin - faIR Modern Rock

Hello everyone!

Today we released a new cabinet simulator plugin!
This plugin is the first plugin we created in collaboration with forward audio, and it uses their Modern Rock Impulse response pack. This pack consists of great sounding impulses, that provide a wide variety of tones.

For more information about the plugin see:

The plugin is now available, for free, in the plugin shop!


I should not have checked this forum before having finished all my work for the week (which I’m thankful to have in these times). :slight_smile:

Thank you MOD team, I’ll likely spend a lot of time trying this out over the weekend!


It sounds great! I’m not a tone aficionado so I’ll leave that to others to dissect. I thought all the presets sound good, and if you’re familiar with the American grunge rock era the names and sonic references will make sense. I’ve tended to use the Vintage cab plugin for my setups and am curious to compare the Modern cab with this one side-by-side. For my use, the low-end / bass response sounds really good. It sounds good transitioning between clean and distorted tones and I was having some fun with envelope filters getting some fat and funky tones out.

Thanks again, I’ll be using this one regularly.