New plugin bundle aidadsp-lv2

Hello there, great news, you can now try my neural plugin amp sim on your Dwarf! Let me know what do you think

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that’s great news!

Is there a chance that this comes to the duo x?


It just needs someone to build it.


do you know docker or how to copy the lv2 folder to the duox?


@semmo sorry for the delay but in addition to being busy I 've experienced some troubles in finding this forum online. Anyway, on my side I’ve updated the mk file for my bundle (which for now contains only the neural plugin) to include every target so far (Mod, Mod Duo X, Dwarf, Rpi4) except for x86_64 (but I could add it too if required). @falkTX is taking care of my PR Added aidadsp-lv2 bundle by MaxPayne86 · Pull Request #158 · moddevices/mod-plugin-builder · GitHub hope you’ll find on the store soon. Meanwhile you could try to build it inside a container and copy to your target. I have no time to do that for you atm sorry.


In addition to build / target stuff I’ve added to my plugin:

  • a useful three-band parametric eq with a pre/post switch
  • I’ve started to train over Helix Native amps. I have a couple of new models alongside their default IRs in my latest plugin release. They completed training with the lowest ESR so far (0.003) and they sound utterly good.

The new amp models are

  • Fender Twin Reverb Nrm Channel
  • Mesa Boogie Lonestar Ch 1

I’ve seen a lot of comparisons between Mod and Line 6 Helix in the forum, I think that it’s expected that users here compare with other commercial products. Now I hope that not in the too far future you could have the very same models from Helix into the Mod, thanks to ML. I hope to receive feedback on the models soon from Mod users, I hope this will help Mod’s cause and deliver to user here what they’re looking for. Now we can sit and wait the plugin to compare on Mod’s store!

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the toolchain updates that I mentioned on the pull request have been finalized, so we can begin to do some testing with it. if it ends up working well there, the plugin then will require a >= v1.13 OS update.

we need to add a way to load the different models, right? which means an update to mod-ui, or was that for a different plugin…?


@falkTX thanks a lot for the toolchain update. Also check my latest update on the PR. By using a different backend (EIGEN) the plugin should behave correctly also on the old toolchain. For the mod-ui and python3-browsepy patches required to load the amp models please see below PRs

these should be easy already tested extensively


whohoo! can’t wait to try the fender reverb model, since there isn’t a clean fender tone modelled in the plugin shop so far. Thanks for your hard work!