New Peripherals Incoming - Beta Testing Phase

Dear community,

[I’ve sent this message via email but I think it might be good to have it here as well]

Because this is an important message, I would like to start with a story:

  • Knock knock!
  • Who’s there?
  • Control chain*.
  • Control chain who?
  • Control chain controllers that are gonna rock your world!

As you well know, the MOD Duo is constantly improving, with regular software updates bringing about new functionalities and an enhanced overall experience. For our next big evolutionary step forward, we’re expanding the MOD family and introducing two new members: the External Footswitch extension and the Arduino Shield.

However, thanks to our prior experience with the Duo launch and our improved release system for software updates, we’ve learned that a pilot batch (consisting of approx. 100 units) for Beta testing is always welcome so as to deliver only smooth-running products.

We’re only announcing this to the community of MOD users and will be selling these units at cost price, aiming to get real-world tests in order to be able to properly launch to the general market. This intermediate phase will enable us to run these tests while in a limited and controlled sample group that is wide enough to provide “real case scenarios”.

In terms of price, the testing Beta units will cost US$85 (shipping included) and in the near future, when we’re open to the general market, the External Footswitch cost will be US$159. You can get on this bandwagon by purchasing the Footswitches via this link.
You will then be added to the hardware tester group on the forum.

Please bear in mind that Beta testing the peripherals has two major technical requirements (in addition to be willing to face bugs and report them to us):

  • the user must know how to manually upgrade the Duo
  • the user must know how to upgrade Control Chain devices

You can check if you are able to proceed with the manual update by reading this: Releases - MOD Wiki
And here is the link to our Control Chain section:

As for the Arduino Shields, they won’t go through the same process of the footswitches because we expect Arduino users to be naturally more inclined to coding, debugging, etc. You can purchase yours here. These pretty little things will allow you to create any type of controller you can imagine if you’re into that.

We’re really excited to open this new chapter and expand the Duo’s controls!

And we’re looking forward to having your feedback on the new peripherals :slight_smile:

All the best from everyone at MOD HQ,


*Control Chain is an open standard, including hardware, communication protocol, cables and connectors, developed to connect external controllers to the MOD. For example, footswitch extensions, expression pedals and so on.
Comparing to MIDI, Control Chain is way more powerful. For example, instead of using hard-coded values as MIDI does, Control Chain has what is called device descriptor and its assignment (or mapping) message contains the full information about the parameter being assigned, such as parameter name, absolute value, range and any other data. Having all that information on the device side allows developers to create powerful peripherals that can, for example, show the absolute parameter value on a display, use different LED colors to indicate a specific state, etc. Pretty neat, right?

PS: Also, we’ll be hosting our second Webinar session this week on the different controllers you can use with the MOD Duo, so book your seat here and let’s meet on Thursday 30 March at 18:00 if you want to know more and ask questions!


Hi Dwek,

Will the shield work with an Arduino UNO WIFI?



Hi Dwek,

I have ordered both the pedal and shield.

I seem to have been charged $14 postage for the shield, is this right?



Hi Andy

We’ll reimburse you straight away. There was a wrong config in the shopping backend.


Hi Gianfranco,

Super, thanks for that.

Looking forward to testing out the new peripherals :slight_smile:



It should work fine for Arduino UNO WIFI. I’ve been using Arduino UNO in my tests.

Nice, thanks for the info.

What time zone is the webinar?

Central European Time

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i also ordered both, and was charged the shipping fee for the shield, higher than @AndyCap’s, i guess 'cuz i’m in Canada? :frowning:

anyways… super looking forward to all of it!! :sunny:

Hi everyone,

Regarding the shipping cost issues:
All the prices are now shipping included. People that were required to pay extra shipping costs will be reimbursed ASAP.

I’ve added the info on the original post.

Happy fiddling to y’all!

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Hi guys,
is there somewhere where the spec (dimension, weight, type of connection…) of the control chain controllers are detailed ?

i’m a newbie with my arduino UNO, and am not entirely clear on the concept of “shields”…

since the arduino is programmable and already has a USB port, and you’ve said that the arduino shield currently implements the control chain protocol over USB, what does this shield actually add? is there some reason we can’t just program the arduino (on its own, without the shield) to interface with the MOD over USB?

…just trying to get clear conceptually before mine arrives and i dig in… :slight_smile:

thanks, guys!

There maybe more reasons - but for me these are the main reasons (maybe the MODs may correct me :wink: ):

  • The “non-shield” code seems to use the hardware-serial-device (Serial). So the serial device is blocked and you cannot use it for sending debug information. I am using different types of Arduino for some years. If I can, I try to use software-serial for the system (e.g. MIDI output) and the hardware-serial for debugging purposes (because it’s simple available inside the IDE). Another solution is to use the Due or Mega: both have more than one hardware-serial.
  • The USB port of the MOD is blocked - no BT anymore.
  • The length of the USB cable is limited to about 3 or 5 meters (hhere is the limit for ControlChain?)
  • You only have one USB socket on the MOD-Duo - ControllChain devices can be “daisy-chained” and you can add more (depending on the bus-specification) devices in a row.
  • It seems that Arduinos USB devices have several different USB-IDs - and you have to add the IDs to udev-rules inside the system so that the system can recognize it as CC-device… I think to maintain a list of possible devices is not really nice to maintain :wink:

Regards, Holger

newbie question: “BT”??

thanks for all the info!

The shield is the “chain” part of the “Control Chain” and the Arduino is the “control” one. This means you’ll need the shield if you want to chain devices, meaning connect it to another Control Chain device or another Arduino.

Actually the testers of version v1.4 are already doing this for some weeks. However, it’s only for development/testing purpose and it will be disabled before the release candidate to give place to the Control Chain port.

Ahhh - sorry… too lazy to write in full text: BT= BlueTooth.

What do you mean here?

I mean that I can only decide to use a BT dongle or the USB connection for my Arduino.

You can just use a USB hub :wink:

Also, the current udev thing and arduino USB is a temporary hack until users receive their shields, as crudo mentioned just before.
No point spending too much time on this for us, since we’re going to remove it very soon.

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