New pedalboards

I added some boards a while back, I put “shaggy” in the name of mine to let people filter them in or out! There are 3 bass rigs, one with compression and tremolo, one with added distortion and a third with added sub. There is also an experiment with 3 loopers all firing at the same time to ensure loop lengths are the same, but problems with setting an overall reset and occasionally making the Dwarf hang mean that I wouldn’t trust it for a live situation - it’s just a bit of fun!


Thanks a lot for sharing it with the community :slight_smile: I will try to test them myself :slight_smile:

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It is just 3 loopers that run together - I believe that there is a 4 way looper in beta that will do this muchbetter (except that this lets you put different effects on different loops. Hmmmm, this may be worth continuing with!) This is where I had the problem of doing a reset on all pedals at once using CV - no point in only resetting one pedal, it would not be easy to get it back in the same time loop).

The two hangs that I’ve had have been one with 4 bars of bass at around 120 bpm and trying to add a second loop and the other was with 5 or 6 loops already running, 1 or 2 on each looper. Both times it was the Dwarf than hung, I have a video of the hang with just bass, it shows the left pedal light as blue, the centre pedal light as pink and the right pedal light off. The first push button is also blue. Is the video any use to you, and if so how do I get it to you?

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By “hang” do you mean the device froze?
I would say that the video indeed helps us. But maybe create a new thread about that since it seems a bug with the plugin on the Dwarf.
I updated your trust levels, not sure if this helps for the video, but maybe you can post a youtube link or so.

Thanks Jon, I’ve started a new topic in Bugs here: Dwarf hang with looper .x 3 - Bugs - MOD Devices Forum

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Thank you. Just checked it. I will try to check with the devs what can be happening. But my first guess is that you found a bug triggered by “too many loopers”