New Pedalboard / Switch Pedalboard always prompts to save changes


Whenever I switch to a different pedalboard or create a new pedalboard I get a message about having unsaved changes. This happens right after I’ve booted the device so there’s nothing changed. Not a big deal, but unexpected.

How to reproduce

  1. Boot up Dwarf device
  2. Connect WebGUI and Hit "New Pedalboard

Expected/suggested solution

Message should only display when a pedalboard has been changed

Additional information

  • release: (was happening in 1.12 too)

Also provide some information about your system if possible.

  • Operating system: (Mac)
  • System version: (12.6.3)


I see this, too. I can’t recall if it has always been like this or not, but I think it’s a more recent behavior.

there is very likely a change in there, just not one entirely obvious.
looperlative is on the pedalboard you show, I know it can change its own track number parameter based on internal changes inside the plugin which is enough to mark pedalboard as “dirty”.

or is this happening for you with very simple pedalboards too?