New neural lv2 plugin from Aida DSP based extensively on existing NeuralPi, reduced to the bone

I could help with anything related with graphics, demos and video. I am a bassplayer and I use mainly the Neural DSP Darkglass. I hope to receive my Dwarf soon (I paid the 150$ voucher early this month).


I tried the AIDA-X: it works but I can’t understand how can I profile my amps or load other models, I saw that are .json files and I can’t find a “converter” from .nam to .json.
I also tried to understand something from the discussion in this topic, but I really can’t.
Is there an easy guide to learn how it works?

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we are preparing some documentation, will go live very soon!


@Teuvosick @falkTX

Me too

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Release that modelling docker asap. :smiley: I’m absolutely hyped and can’t wait to start. Also the released Helix and Moon models sound very nice!


Hi everyone. A quick bump here.

AIDA-X is now officially in the platform: MOD presents the AIDA-X and dives into Neural Modelling

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plugin has been moved to stable now

this thread has been mostly about development, so aidadsp folks will prepare a different topic for a more informal and user-centric plugin thread.