New Max/MSP Integration

Dear community,

After a few months working with Cycling’74, maintainers and developers of Max/MSP, we are announcing the release of the MODDuo Package on Max.

In short, you can now export gen~ code straight into our cloud compiler, converting it into an LV2 plugin and uploading it to your MOD Duo without leaving the Max environment. With just one click.

We’ve published a blog post in which you can find out more about this integration.

For all current MOD users, we are offering 9 months of Max7 subscription for free. We only ask in return that you contribute with two pedalboards for The Great Book of Pedalboards :slight_smile:

If you love the Shiro plugins (which have been made using Max/MSP), you know that there’s a huge potential for sonic experimentation that is going to be tapped into thanks to this integration.



Nice job, that integration could be a great thing for the ModDuos future.


Thank ya’ll for this! Gen patches to LV2 was why I pulled the trigger on the Duo. Excited to dig in to see what I can build!


That’s a huge step for growing the MOD ecosystem; outstanding news!!!


very cool!

…any talk of doing a similar thing for puredata, for those of us in the linux and open source camp? :slight_smile:


We did some tests already, and a project for this already exists.

mod-plugin-builder already has pdlv2 inside, so it’s possible to build and test how pd based plugins work right now.
the verdict is not great though. after we load a few instances the Duo locks up. when it’s running, it works fine and audo and midi works as expected. so if we manage to fix that lockup issue, the rest should be smooth.
there are some optimizations needed (specially to make the code more realtime friendly), but those are not hard to do.

I have a feeling pd users mostly run linux, so for those a script that automates the plugin creation would suffice (hopefully).
For those with mod-plugin-builder set up, you can already test this by running:

cd /path/to/mod-plugin-builder
./build pdlv2
tar -C ~/mod-workdir/plugins -cz \
pdlv2-{autopan,demo_distortion,demo_sine_synth,djfilter,midi_demo}.lv2 | \
base64 | curl -F 'package=@-'

The ability to create my own effects was the reason I bought the MOD Duo. But, like most musicians, I have limited programming knowledge or experience. And gen~ coding is more complicated than regular patch-cord-based Max/MSP, which is already challenging to learn.

It would be great if MOD Devices could collaborate with Cycling '74 to put together an online Kadenze or Coursera course taking programming newbies step by step through the basics of using gen~ to program various effects. There’s one tutorial now that quickly goes through creation of one effect, but much more is needed.

I’m trying to learn it on my own, but it’s very tough.

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Quick question: has this been tested on Windows? If so, should we use Max7 32bit or 64?

Hi @tbecker

Yes. It works on Windows and it does not matter if it is 32bit or 64bit.

Inside it’s a wrong link…

Where says “Have a look here how a GUI affects the .ttl structure.” the correct link is


Hi @Dave,

Cycling are releasing a series of articles called “gen~ for Beginners” at long last!

Hope this will help you on your journey!


That’s great news, Dwek, I’ll check it out. Thanks for the heads up.

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quick question
I’m having trouble transferring some of the patches.
So far I have only been able to use the Vibrato.
When I try to transfer the moog ladder filter, I can find it listed on the fx list

hey y’all! I just preordered the duo x and I’m super excited to be able to create plug ins!

the documentation is clear that we can utilize gen~ objects… but what about gen (events without audio signals)? I would like to create midi effects for the device using max. will this work too?

no, gen~ does not do any MIDI.

the workflow for building the gen~ effects is explained in this video

Hey falkTX! Thanks for the reply! I have seen that video… and that’s what pushed me over the edge into purchasing. :slight_smile:

Max also has a gen object (no tilde) which is designed for event processing without DSP. This non-DSP gen object also has the ability to export plugin source code. I’m hoping that the mod platform can handle these gen sourced midi plugins as well as the audio versions.

We don’t. If you want that feature, you need to ask MAX developers.

The gen~ stuff works as plugins because of its “export as code” option.
Behind the scenes we bundle the exported code with some of our own, which allows us to build an LV2 plugin.
If you are really curious, we publish the code that allows this,
Which is actually based on an original project from MAX developers to build VST and AU plugins based on gen~

If/when MAX allows more of its internals to be exported as code, we will be able to export those as plugins too.