New album heavily featuring mod

I couldn’t find an existing topic to post this, so I created a new one. If there is actually a better place to put this please let me know.

I recently released a prog rock album heavily featuring mod. The vast majority of guitar and bass sounds use the mod dwarf, many of the keyboard sounds are made with lv2 soft synths running on my pc, but the same ones that are on the mod. Even the vocals are sometimes run through the mod for a tape delay or something.

Specifically the songs “skinny dip in the river styx” and “prodigal prodigy” demonstrate some great guitar and bass tones from the mod!

(Also available on other streaming platforms, just search Boltzmann Brain Stroke)


loved the Zappa vibe on Styx; great fun.

Cool album.
Not my genre but you made it very enjoyable to be out of my comfort zone :smiley:


Loved it! Very pinkfloidy in a good way!

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Is there a section in the forum were we can share our modestly published music? :sweat_smile:

I just finished listening and it’s mind-blowing. I tried to follow on Spotify but couldn’t find a button? Anyway great great music man. Thanks for sharing

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Thanks for sharing! I don`t use spotify. Is the music available anywhere else?

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I was looking for something but couldn’t find anything. I only spent a few minutes looking though

Should be available on all major streaming platforms if you search Boltzmann Brain Stroke

Here’s a link to a YouTube playlist:

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I love It, kudos to you!

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in the past, folks have put stuff here, too: Content Exchange

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Ah, thanks!

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I found some stuff on youtube, since I don’t use Spotify. Cool sound!

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