Neural Networks Emulates Any Guitar Pedal $120

Interesting article. Next Gen? Neural Networks Emulate Any Guitar Pedal For $120 | Hackaday


Cheers Harvey looks very interesting

Very interesting. So basically we need an lv2 version of this plugin and RTNetwork library installed on the target. In addition to that, what we really need is an opensource dataset with high quality recorded input files that can be used for training. So that the next step is asking people to “run input files through their amps and pedals” and share amps and pedal settings. Probably a website with the possibility to upload processed files and settings would be the very best.

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It might need Elk Audio OS at the core too (total new OS). But yes, people need to have mikes, cabs, amps and pedals to emulate. The entire industry (digital guitar signal emulation) seems to have gone bat poop crazy over IRs and preamp emulations. But emulating any shoe-gaze or unusual modulation pedal is fair game, as are wet-dry and stereo or parallel set-ups with boutique pedals.

It would be incredible to have this inside the Dwarf.

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Sure, but I’d just like to see the current-gen Dwarf.

I got in on the beta kickstarter and just got mine a couple weeks ago. Hopefully they’ll start flowing out to everyone very soon.

EDIT: BTW, they offer this as the VST3 Smart Amp Pro right now. Downloaded but haven’t had a chance to audition it.

We are actually getting a lot (finally!) and shipping them. Right now it’s more about how fast our hands can pack and prepare everything than any other of the previous issues.


quick bump on the topic gentlemen

The AIDA-X neural player has been released: MOD presents the AIDA-X and dives into Neural Modelling