Network connection in KDE Plasma


I received my Dwarf a few days ago and and I had a difficulty connecting to the GUI in Manjaro Plasma.

At first, the browser simply couldn’t connect to the Dwarf. It took me a while to notice a new connection in the network manager with the same name as my Ethernet one (“wired connection 1” if I translate well). This one had a different device so I assumed it was the Dwarf. I connected to it but it disconnected the Ethernet one so at this time, I was able to connect to the Dwarf GUI but not to Internet anymore.

I ended up creating a new connection with a different name so that the network manager let me connect both at the same time. It doesn’t look like a bug on the Dwarf. So maybe these are the normal steps to configure the GUI access but it took me a while to figure them out and I would have been happy to find some kind of documentation on the wiki. From what I read, it seemed to be plug and play.

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I run plasma here and it has always been plug&play, used it across many Ubuntu versions and also in Neon, always without issues.
Anything special about the other/main network connection?

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Hi @falkTX,
Thanks for your quick reply. Nothing special about my main connection. It’s just an Ethernet connection to my Internet box. It’s my access to Internet and is the only wired connection beside the Dwarf. It receives its IP (192.168.1.*) from the DHCP server in the box.

Keep in mind that my issue was solved by the creation of a wired connection with a different name. But as you say I shouldn’t have had to do any kind of manual setting, I’m interested to know what should normally happen in the network manager. Should the Dwark create a second connection that automatically connects beside the main one ? Is it normal that they had the same name (wired connection 1) on my computer ? Or should there be only one network connection ?

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Typically the network manager used by KDE auto-renames the connections to ensure no conflicts.
On my PC the Dwarf appears as “Wired Connection 2”, where the 1st one I assume is reserved for the motherboard Ethernet plug.

I think we can just assume it is a quirk of some precise combination of parts (kernel, distro settings, etc) that make this issue appear.
As you suspect this is not a common occurrence.


I deleted my renamed connection and tried to reproduce the normal behavior. The thing I had to do to have an auto “Wired Connection 2” when pluging the Dwarf was to limit the “Wired Connection 1” to one device (drop down list in the 2nd tab). If I let the field blank, I have two “Wired Connection 1” in the network manager widget and I can’t connect both of them.

I don’t know why KDE lets this happen but you’re right : with so many different environments, shit happens. Thanks for your help and for the amazing MOD software.