Need some info before ordering

First congrats to the complete team in Berlin for making this product. Altough it all looks very nice I have some questions and concerns I like to share as a potential customer:

A Can the MOD Duo be used in combination with my 5150III 50 in Four Cable Method (4CM)? Like this?
1 Guitar mono signal ------> Input MOD Duo (first input)
2 MOD Duo Output signal (first output) -----> Amp main guitar input
3 Amp Loop Send --------> completely seprate MOD Duo Input (second input)
4 Second Duo Output (second output)------------> to Amp Loop Return
Is there any tone suckage? Will there be unwanted hiss and/or humm? Is propper gain staging possible?

B Is there a good Noise gate within the package?
C Is when changing presets, changing the channels of the 5150III 50 via midi possible?
D Is there any delay with midi/channel switching?
E How long will the current MOD DUO hardware stay active before it will get obsolete by new future MOG TRIO hardware? What will be the minimum life cycle of the MOD DUO before updates will stop?

Because I would like to use a seperate midi controller and put the MOD DUO next to my amp, is the MOD DUO fully Midi controllabel? i mean with receiving CC and PC messages and letting thru PC AMP channel switch messages for my amp on a different Midi channel.

Maybe complecated questions which should be answered or adressed before ordering I think. it would be nice to receive both the company and or community answers.

Thanks for your efforts!


Yes. I guess more than one owner of the Duo actually does that.
No tone sucking at all. Both inputs and outputs are totally independent and have full adjustments of the analog pre/post amps. Inputs have 3 different preamps plus a -12/+12dB fine gain adjust. The outputs go from -120/+5dB and are balanced.

The official collection has the CAPS Gate, which I find already to be a very decent option. The community shall have a more unbiased answer on this one :slight_smile:

In the queue to be published we have:

abGate - probably the community’s most famous one
Calf Gate and it’s Sidechain and Muliband variations

Not sure here, but very likely yes.

Which messages does the 5150 interprets for channel changing? how many channels there are?

Did not get your question here. Sorry. We don’t have a channel switch. What we do is to change the loaded pedalboard using MIDI controls. There is a small loading time (about 0.5sec) for the pedalboard change.

There is also the possibility of using internal routing plugins - like an A/B switchbox - to route the audio in two or more internal “channels” of the pedalboard. This change is latency free.

We have engineered the Duo for a long lifecycle. The CPU inside is connected using a slot in a way that we can offer future hardware upgrades to increase the computing power without the need to change the device.

You can choose the channel that you use to change pedalboards and you can also filter the channels that you want to send out to the amp.

Hope this helps with in your decision :wink:





I didn’t see a CAPS gate. I saw the one in the dropdown of the dynamics plugin but isn’t working for me. Is there another CAPS gate?

Is there an update when these gates will be available?

Thank you!