Need Gen~ Max help

I am learning how to make plugins using Gen in Max.

My first project is to make the same thing as the Swtichbox plugin made by MOD. The reason is that this will be the building block for some other routing utilities I want to make for my setup.

The stumbling block I am having right now is how to make a parameter that can be assignable to a switch… NOT knob.
I want to be able to switch outputs just like the Switchbox.
What do I need to change?
See below the Gen Patcher window.

The workaround is to save two user presets in the plugin on the Duo and do “assign all” to a footswitch to scroll between the two values. I really need to be able to assign the switching to a footswitch for the final routing plugin I want to make.

Thanks for your help!

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anyone have any suggestions?

In this tutorial says:
"The flow of data inside the gen~ object is constant – there isn’t anything like a trigger, for example. It also means that gen~ operators are always sending something out – a signal sample value, a parameter value, or the result of a test of some kind. We need something special that lets us control our patch with messages from the “outside world.” In the Gen world, we have the param (parameter) operator to do that. You’ll see it in use here."
When I use “param” always shows a knob.

Thanks for the info. I guess a switch isn’t going to be something I can make with Gen~ then…

Would be nice to assign the min and max of any parameter to a footswitch.
Weird for most of the cases but useful for some others.

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