Neck Bass Board

I could use some help making my electric violin sound more like a bass guitar :sweat_smile:

I put more details in the pedalboard’s description!

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Cool board! I’d love to hear it with electric violin. I can’t imagine that board eating up too much CPU. I’ll give it a try shortly.

OK, I was able to get CPU down to 49-ish % on my Dwarf. First, I put the portal between the Roamer and the cab sim. That got it to 64%. Since, there are 2 channels on the portal, I put one of the Drop units on the second channel and that brought it down to 49% or so.

I also noticed that if I just put one of the Drops through Portal (no Roamer, either), the CPU % doesn’t change, but it does eliminate xruns. So, both configurations work.


Thanks for the pedalboard contribution!

Unfortunately, the latency on this board is still too high for the purposes of turning plucked violin into a true rhythm instrument. However, I saved it and will use it to study the portal plugins in the future!

I went back to the drawing board and realized that if my goal is to make something passable by Friday, I can probably simplify for now. Since I will be plugging from the dwarf into a bass combo, I removed the amp head, cab sims, and accompanying switchbox. I also realized that while the -12semitones drop plugin is nice to have, I don’t really need it. So now I’m running with just the -24semitones.

With less being processed, the latency was closer, but not quite as low as it needed to be. So I lowered the fidelity of the remaining drop plugin to Normal from High. Most basslines on Friday will be at least a little distorted, so hopefully that’ll mask any of the digital artifacts.

The compressor at the beginning was the final touch and boom, violin => bass guitar(ish).

(the electric violin I’m playing in the demo is a 5-string)

After the gig, I’ll keep tweaking to see if I can squeeze in amp sim functionality. Otherwise, I might try to trade a Strymon El Capistan for a Pitchfork+, POG2, or SubNUp. :blush:


that sounds convincing to me! Great job :slight_smile:

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Thank you! Fuzzed out basslines are easy to replicate, though. I suspect I’ll have to spend a good bit of time during sound check just messing with the Orange and the klon settings for a convincing cleaner tone :sweat_smile:

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Hmmm… I wonder if the Super Whammy plugin Might have different CPU usage/latency characteristics? Worth a shot, I suppose.

EDIT: Also, it allows ±24 semitones in the interface, no hacks required.

EDIT EDIT: Oops. Misread that. it’s -12 and +24, so… no.

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Ooooh maybe I’ll mess with the lower parameter in powershell if I have time tomorrow…

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So I didn’t have time in May, but I recently ssh’ed into my dwarf, changed a few minimum values of the Super Whammy plugin, and compared it to the modified Drop plugin.

With both set to medium fidelity, the latency between the two felt comparable but the Super Whammy produced less digital artifacting in the lowest register! A win! I’ll replace the Drop with the Super Whammy on the posted Neckbass board when I get the chance.

Though I came back to the neckbass board recently and heard something strange: some dry signal seems to be leaking through despite all attempts to have the chain be 100% wet. Does anyone notice this in other boards containing the plugins used here?

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