NanoKontrol Studio and the Duo

Could a Korg NanoKontrol Studio be used to control the Duo via a Bluetooth connection?

In general, does the Duo support midi through Bluetooth?

Hi @Tarrasque73,

The new MOD Duo X will support Midi over bluetooth but the current Duo does not.

Darn, that would have been nice.

Does maybe exist an USB adapter or dongle or something that could be used for this purpose?

I mean something that acts as the midi-to-bluetooth receiver and spits out midi messages to the duo through the usb (or din) port so that the thing is transparent to the duo?

maybe something like this for the mod duo:

These all see to be “transmitter” type adapters, i.e. something you plug in your controller which does not have bluetooth in order to connect to a DAW or station that has bluetooth.

My scenario is the opposite: the nanoKey studio already has built in bluetooth over midi, while the DUO hasn’t.

then a custom linux/raspberry diy approach :smiley:

Nah. Don’t like DIY.