NAM models re-captured for AIDA X

Hello. I have taken some of my favorite NAM amp models and converted them in AIDA X models. By “converted” I mean that I captured them (like I’ve done with amp sims before) and then ran those captures through the AIDA-X model trainer and so turning them into AIDA-X models.

You may be asking “why would you do that?” . Well, for starters, you can run these models on a Mod Dwarf and they wouldn’t be cpu intensive as NAM models would be. Plus, the NAM plugin is fussy when it comes to sample rates (specifically requires 48khz) whereas AIDA-X doesn’t care.
Also some of these models are amps that weren’t captured for AIDA-X (until now) so now AIDA-X users can now play captures of amps like the VHT Pitbull, the Diezel VHX, the EVH 5150 Iconic edition and so on. The link to these captures can be found below.

Hopefully the link works.


Pretty cool !!!
You may put these on the Aida Cloud, so we could find it again without diving in the forum ?

Are those models that you captured yourself? If not, be sure that you are complying with the license the original models were distributed under.


Very good!! Please share them in the AIDA Cloud!

please be aware of our content rules and disclaimer


I would refrain of sharing them on tha AIDA Cloud because of said community rules there.

I see less harm in sharing them here though; I’m curious how well they perform/sound. :wink:


maybe plugin models could be marked as such.
If they sound good, there is no reason not to share them


I’m pretty sure, that the rule on Aida-x cloud is not there because of the quality of the captures, but for licensing/legal questions.


From a technical point of view and also from users’ perspective, no.

But there seem to be some legal restrictions on providing captures of software plugins.

While you actually own a physical amp or pedal, on software you usually have a right to use that piece of software.
In their term of use, the software provider can regulate the usage, and prohibit e.g. re-engineering, redistribution - or capturing of the signal chain.

As Aida-X can’t check the Terms of use for every plugin that was captured and they might be held responsible for content shared on their platform, it makes sense for themto completely not allow uploading of profiles captured from software.