NAM CPU spiking - DUOX


I have some problems with CPU spikes while using NAM on DuoX. If the board contains NAM + IR loader + Reverb it works great, but if I add some plugins to be able play background using KMM 12 Step CPU spikes all the time making scratches. CPU load is something less than 70%.

Try using the MOD Cabinet Loader instead of the old IR loader


Thank you for advice, I will try it out.

is this a Duo X production unit? those with a power switch on the back.

my naive guess at this would be using a very cpu-intense single chain (the audio path with NAM on it) that is able to process on time when using the “big cores” but fails when using the “little cores” (also known as “efficiency cores”).

for that I assume you are not using the nano NAM models but other more CPU-intensive ones?

in any case switching the cabinet loader should help, as it cuts the cpu usage significantly.

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adding a “Portal” to the chain could help to reduce cpu spikes as well I suppose?

always helps, but it shouldnt be something we directly recommend on these cases.