N-way switchbox

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It would be really useful if we could have switchboxes which cycle between 3 or more outputs when assigned to a footswitch (and which can also be controlled via a knob). For example, for the gig I did last night, I was sometimes using one of two delays, but never both at the same time. With a 3-way switchbox which cycled between the 3 outputs, I could cycle between no delay / delay 1 / delay 2, all with a single footswitch (or a knob if preferred). Currently I have to set it up with 2 separate footswitches: either one assigned to each delay (which risks accidentally enabling both delays at the same time) or with each footswitch assigned to a standard 2-way switchbox, where the first bypasses both delays and the second chooses which delay to use.


I have just noticed via https://github.com/moddevices/mod-utilities/issues/2 that apparently a SwitchBox3 used to exist. @falkTX Can you comment on what happened to it?

Is it possible to create a switch plugin that can change the number of outputs the user wants?

So… the idea is that instead of making a plugin that only has two, three or four outputs… you can enter the number of outputs you want and the plugin will create the number of outputs you are looking for. The graphic will have to get bigger to accommodate the number of outputs.

A workaround way be to have a switch box with many outputs and the user can choose how many they want to be able to scroll through. For example: the plugin will have 10 outputs available but the user only needs five to scroll through. They select five and the plugin will only scroll through the first five.

I agree, either of those approaches would be even better. I was kind of assuming that it is not possible to have a single plugin which supports a configurable number of outputs, but hopefully I’m wrong!

It never truly worked, so it was deleted.

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Bringing back this old thread - I just got my Duo and this is exactly what I’m looking for. I’d like to avoid an additional foot switch. The point of the Duo for me is to get away from a big pedalboard. But I need 3 or 4 different settings for a gig. I’d like to be able to set one switch to cycle through a few different pedals, and have the other switch available for a boost on/off.


Reverse crowdfunding section for new plugins would be a great way to make this happen quicker.