My Setup Idea

hi there!

So now that i’ve been trying the Dwarf and some of the plugins, I’d like to share with you my idea, since I feel a bit out of knowledge with this system still.

I can declare myself an Elektron passionate. Right now i reduced my setup to only Digitone, Digitakt and DWARF since 2 years ago I decided to leave a bit the laptop and build a studio-live setup that’s hardware, portable and unlimited sound creativity. Truth is, i love Ableton. Specially doing out-of-the screen FX chains and go wild.

That’s why MOD came into my mind and ended up getting one :slight_smile:

My ideal system would be to process separetly DTone and Dtakt in the same pedalboard, having for each machine different chains in parallel (for diferent kinds of process) that I could manipualte with a mixer plugin for example and control it with a MIDI device.

Here are some questions:

  • What’s the status of Audio Over USB? I read some discussions the other day buy I couldn’t find out if that’s really possible or still in progress.

  • I read that someone managed to port Overbridge into Linux (i think?) and said could be possible to have it then on the pedal. I’m a total 0 about programming, code or software development. Is this a place I should wait to get in?

  • What MIDI controller DWARF’s users can recommend?

  • What’s your favourite plugin :smiley:

Thanks in advance! I’ll love to hear your answers. Also share with you some of the audio and chain experiments.



I am not an expert, but I am listening and trying to pick up a thing or two.
Thank you.


had something similar in mind and tried a lot of stuff with the dwarf.

I’ll most often use my PedalinoMini - a diy midi pedal and the Launchpad Pro. Connected via USB to Ableton and MIDI to the Dwarf. The same goes for the iPad and the touchMini.

I can have two sequencers(iPad, Launchpad) with the dwarf, controll the session in ableton, switch presets and what not with the pedal and adjust setting with the touchMini.
Works great and gets out of hand fast :wink: - not to mention the TouchOSC which I use from time to time.

this is my current setup at home:


@ameeva, if I’m not mistaken both the Digitone and Digitakt have stereo outs. Theoretically, you can only connect one of them to the Dwarf (if you want to take full advantage of a stereo chain).
The Audio over USB is not yet stable on the Dwarf. Here you can find a way to try it out, but please note that it is still an experimental feature.
I would suggest you add a small mixer with 4 channels where you connect the Elktrons and an FX loop where you set the Dwarf.


Very nice recommendation.


this is exactly what I was hoping to do! thank you Jon!

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