My journey with MOD

Hey guys, I hope everyone is doing well.

As you may have gauged from the recent events, MOD is gearing up for a reboot that brings a more narrow focus to the existing products and streamlines resources. You may have anticipated from what we have been saying that there may not be room for a full-time Product Designer in that and you would be right.

I’ve worked with MOD since the beginning of 2020 and have enjoyed all the highs and lows. Even in times of great financial pressure I still had a lot of fun working with the amazing products, team and community.

Unfortunately, I need to look after my financial situation and so does MOD. We talked about it some time ago and with the projected available resources, I came to the conclusion that it’s best if I find a new job, which I have already done and will be starting very soon. There is no animosity between me and the rest of the team, we still talk a lot and hope for me to be involved in future products when the time comes but likely on a freelance basis if my working situation allows for it.

I didn’t announce anything before because I didn’t want to give the impression that the team was jumping ship as that’s not the case. There is just some understandable downsizing. I want to mention it now because I’m still emotionally invested in the success of MOD and I like being part of the discussions happening here, but I am speaking now more as a member of the community while being labelled as part of the team. When I talk about my ideas, they should be taken as just that, my ideas, not official statements from the company. So it doesn’t make sense for me to do this under an official badge. So this explanation is here to give some background on why I’ve removed the badge.

Don’t be afraid about the products, I have left things in a good state for the rest of the guys to carry on with production, even the expression pedal! I spent a good amount of time over the last years getting everything as ready as it can be for strong manufacturing pushes when the money is there. Also if anything goes wrong I’m only a phone call away.

As I said, I still plan to hang around here and answer questions where I can as a community member and I hope for a successful reboot and for future collaboration with new products


The best of luck with the new job!


Hey James,

I’m sorry that the situation turned out like it did, but am glad you have found some personal stability!

Are you still sticking with audio stuff for your new work, or are you stepping into a different industry?


Still waiting on internet to respond to my DMs :frowning:


Thank you @James for your outstanding engagement!

You were key in bringing the MOD Dwarf to life and its siblings to the next level.

Sailing a broken ship against stormy weather is not for everyone. I’m thankful for the joint experience, your patience and commitment. Hopefully we will be able to have you onboard a new MOD ship some time in the future.

I wish you a great start at your new professional endeavour and all the best!


Good luck with your next endeavours and thanks for your hard work at Mod.


Thank you so much for your contributions to MOD and to the community here on the forum. I wish you the best in your new endeavor!


There is not much I need to say about @James

It suffices to say that he was my choice to fill the one position in the company that I used to fill and lusted the most for.

Having myself designed all previous MOD products I gladly acknowledge the superiority and sophistication of the final delivery as it can be seen on the Dwarf, from the device itself to the details of the case, cables and packaging.

You can see James´ touch in many other fronts ranging from website and marketing material to forum organization.


Thanks for your efforts James, and best of luck to you in future endeavors!


@James i truly appreciate what you brought to MOD in all areas! looking forward to seeing you around here, and wishing you all possible success in your new endeavours!



Thanks, everyone for the kind words! it means a lot

Still in audio! but a slight pivot in audio. Going into speakers, headphones and such rather than performance devices


Aww yeah, I am also interested in those devices!

Keep me in the loop my man!


Thank you, @James

for all your investment, both time and thoughts.

In these troublesome times get some time to rest.
I wish you all the best for your way…

Greetings and God bless, Marius


Thanks @James

Good look and all the best for you.


Goof luck with the new opportunity @James ! Keep us updated :wink:


Good to you James… And thanks


Good luck James, really appreciate all the time you gave me and the others even when we were being grumpy!

Hope all goes well with the new job and look forward to seeing your next project.



Good luck!!


Thanks for your contributions to the mod community James! Wishing you the best in all future endeavors!


All the best to you James!! :pray:t4: