My humble opinion if you think of designing a "top of the line - unit"

The Mod Device units look great, as their modularity grants (no joke) more possibilities as the AxeFx3 does for my purposes… still,
for me, using everything double than guitarists* it’s too limited for a comprehensive live solution.

I would dream of a new professional MOD unit -
and I’m also saying that from my expertise as a Product Designer (MA., 20yrs.+) perspective - if you MOD guys would build a new unit from scratch, please take care
of giving a professional machine more Sends&Returns, better just simply do:

  • 8 ins + 8 outs (all buffered, wth good preamps on each in) for both, ins/returns outs/sends
    (alternatively just 16 jack plugs to be assigned by wish)
  • 2 expression (pedal) ins
  • MIDI with DIN sockets
  • headphone wth potentiometer
  • all wth implemented sound interface (so you can record straight in)
  • some Potis(attenuators) for each lane, to cope signals

… everything more universal and open on the hardware side - to complement your modular overall concept
… think it ike a mixer…

I’d by willing to pay 1200 for such max

best to u!

We Chapman Stick Players having 2 Output signals all run into same problems… no hands free but 2 output signals. Now using a AxeFx3, I’m still lacking of compatibility as I’m using 2 Signals (like, Bass & Guitar) same time - so everything is ‘double’
Aside of this, I play live hardware Synths.


So this would be several years of development (make it 4-5 before getting into retail) by a big team. That price you are “willing” to shed would be overly optimistic considering the niche within a niche.

While I would agree that that would be a killer “studio in a box” configuration, it’s also pretty much the opposite of what the team is currently focusing on.

Say there is a big investor that takes over the company and then starts writing blank checks to make it happen? … sure why not :slight_smile:

Maybe more realistic would be some sort of “next gen” DuoX. Cut your requirements in half and see where that gets you.


I think that in these last 3 years I saw and used all the top modelers/profilers (and some not at the top) and every time I saw the related user forums/discord channels I read complaints for every little thing (some Headrush and Helix user wants exp pedal on left side, some QC user think that switches are too near, some Fractal users say that are too far or the FM3 has few switches, for example) and requests for new absurd features so I asked me: “what does a guitarists need?”

If you ask this question to guitarist you will receive 100 different answers on 100 and watching all the different pedalboard pics on internet you will know why :rofl:

The real questions so are: “What does every musician REALLY need?” and “What will be the form factor that I could play for years?”

I think that the form factor should will be always different because I am a singer/guitarist and I have different needs from a stickman or a bassist, many (prehistoric) bluesmans use only one or two pedals.
I never use that cheap headphones out that many “room guitarist” needs.
I think that all external power supplies really sucks and I hate them, so maybe the best thing is having a good internal power supply like fractals.

What I think we will play in the future?
“Black boxes”: like you said:
8 ins + 8 outs with sound interface, multiple connections USB C/thunderbolt, bluetooth inside editor and controls only on external devices, only a micro screen just for an “always on” tuner
No switches or controllers included

fair enough! :blush:
I’m aware of hardware developments cycles, BTW.
Sadly, am not able to cut my necessities down to half, as I play ChapmanStick (alreadily mentioned) by means, everything’s double here.

I’ll order one MOD Device over Thomann now to see if one (or two units!) may be able to put my AxeFx3 to shame - we’ll see and hear.

One question now:
If using 2 MOD Devices, is the Software Editor (, drivers, UI, etc) capable of handling both connected same-time??

I’m aware, my needs are nieche… and I’d need 2 AxeFx3 instead of 1 AxeFx3

I was just dreaming :heart:

the best way to not to complain would be somewhat "get all devices(& paying them) same time >try them and compare for a good time > sell all but the rather ideal unit "… not privileged with bucks of money, though

although, 2 MOD Devices same-time could be ‘doable’


It is possible, but you need to modify the local ip address of one of them (because by default they will have the same address so will conflict).

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Running 2 software Instances of the Software Editor is doable?
Wondering about the behaviour, IF ‘swapping’ / copying modules or settings
between both instances is possible…

thanks a lot!

This is documented in Custom IP Address - MOD Wiki
Requires some command-line knowledge, as this is pretty much still experimental, specially since the Cloud authentication or online pedalboard loading can fail (it is impossible from the cloud-side to know what IP the unit was changed to)

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understood… headache with no guarantees then.

Keeping fingers crossed, the Dwarf may dig my setup

Am i the first one asking this? :see_no_evil::face_with_monocle:

Maybe connecting one mod devices over USB and the other via Bluetooth, and changing the host name of one of them to avoid conflicting mdns.

IIRC the device name can be changed on the web UI, right?

My concern would be that chaining two devices would double the overall latency, and using one device as an effect loop for the other would worsen it to three times, so mind well your connection layout

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