My Dwarf came with a USB stick. What's it for?

There was no information about the stick. I plugged it in and there was no change. For the most part, the Dwarf is so vague that it’s hard too tell what’s really going on.

Hi Gino,
It’s for backuping your presets and plugings


I see. Thanks.
Could you tell me, is there a way to reorganize the presets? I’ve tried drag and drop, right clicking but nothing works. Did they really ship it when this very basic function is still unavailable? If there is a way to do it, it should be way more obvious than this. Users shouldn’t have to go to a forum just to learn how to reorder their presets.

Thanks for the help @Rom
The USB stick is exactly that @Gino, an extra perk especially made for users to backup their devices. Something that should be ALWAYS DONE before updating, building an important pedalboard or having any important gig.

You can do it in the Banks and you don’t need to come to the forum. All the documentation on how to use the devices and the WebGUI is in our wiki.

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You guys seem to like to make your users go through a bunch of hoops just to get some very simple things done. This forum is designed in the same way, I kept clicking on the link that said I had one unread message but instead of taking me to that unread message, I had to click on yet another link to see your message. There seems to be a pattern here. The UI for the Dwarf is equally indirect and requires needless navigation and clicking for functions that on other devices, are dead simple. As good as the drag and drop facilities are for editing and creating new pedalboards, viewing, managing, searching and finding specific pedalboards is needlessly and completely tedious. The only saving grace here is that the amp sims sound really good but boy, the price you pay just to have access to those sounds goes beyond the $400 I paid for the Dwarf.

By the way, I tried to do a backup to that USB stick last night and the Dwarf reported that it couldn’t find it. I tried 4 times. Bupkis.

I’m sorry for this. I will see what we can do. But the forum is not really developed by us and uses one platform open to anyone. So I’m not sure if we can go to a degree of customisation that avoids that.

The WebGUI of our devices also runs in another application (meaning a browser), so a lot of things may seem “dead simple” (at least in nowadays world), but we need to rely on what is possible to do with this infrastructure and what the browsers allow us or not to do. I would also say that in most of the other devices you don’t get such easy and versatile access (like access from a computer with any OS, a tablet, a smartphone, etc.).

I would also say that this post is slightly out of the “My Dwarf came with a USB stick. What’s it for?” topic and - although you were the one creating the topic - keeping things organized is one of the most important steps to help us improve the platform, etc.

Have you format it? If yes in what file system?

I beg to differ that it’s easy. Editing the pedalboards, yes, that’s easy. But more basic utilitarian functions like reordering the pedalboards is absolutely NOT easy. That we are forced to do it in the Banks list is very counterintuitive compared to the Helix and other librarian systems I’ve used. You can defend and rationalize it all you want but the reality is that it is simply not very good.
It really doesn’t matter how many devices/OSs allow you to edit the Dwarf. The Helix may only be able to be edited on a computer or on the device itself but at least the methods for editing and the librarian functions are mostly well thought out and they’ve tried to minimize the jumping around and needless mouse clicks to get the job done. Unlike the Dwarf. I might be spoiled but I don’t remember having to ask these questions about doing the most basic things on the Helix. On more complex things, yes absolutely. When the Helix first came out and the editor wasn’t available yet, editing on the unit itself could be tedious but that’s to be expected on the limited screen on the hardware side. When the editor came out, there was absolutely no question about how to do things. The layout made perfect sense.

As for the USB stick, I will look at formatting it. Is that done on the device itself or the Web interface?

I can understand you. But also what you have in most of the softwares is only a Banks view and not a library view. I own BIAS FX 1 and 2 and there you do can organize pedalboards, but inside the banks as well. You just don’t have any viewing option that is not banks. If that makes more sense? I kind of agree that yes, after all from the WebGUI perspective on the MOD system, you need to use Banks for organization and Pedalboards Library for loading. I agree that that is unnecessary.
My conclusion in the end - and comparing to BIAS FX - is that you have the same organization method on both systems, but on the MOD system - and only from the WebGUI perspective - you need one page for organization and other for loading. That I agree tha is sub optimal. Just a kind of funny note about the BIAS is that there is impossible to delete factory banks or presets.

No, you need to do this on a computer. As you would format any USB stick. Make sure that you use FAT32 or exFAT for file system

Well I plugged that USB stick into my Mac Mini M1 and it won’t mount. Going to try it on my Microsoft Surface today. I find it odd that it doesn’t show up on the Mac. There are no issues with other USB drives.

Well… I’ve stuck it into 3 different computers (2 Macs and a MS Surface) and none of them can do anything with the drive. I formatted one that I already had that worked just fine for backing up the Dwarf.
I had a feeling that the one that came with the Dwarf was a dud.

Not impossible. We don’t really test all the USB sticks.
On your Windows can’t you even find it in the device manager?
Also what is the OS version of your Windows?
Can you somehow try it on a older computer?

The Windows laptop is running Windows 10 and can see the device being connected but can’t open or do anything with it.

How does it appear on the device manager? Can you send a screenshot of your device manager?