My Duo X Died


Last night I went to bed with a working DuoX and when I woke up, I heard a steady pulse coming from my monitors. As I looked around to find the source, I noticed the DuoX screens were out. I pulled out the 1/4" cables and USB cable from the DuoX and the pulsing stopped. Plugging the USB cable back in made the pulsing audible again. I tried pulling out the power adapter and plugging it back in to see if it would power back up and I got nothing. I tried using my Duo’s power supply without success. I tested the DuoX power supply by plugging it into my Duo and that worked fine. I have the power plugged into a rack mount surge protector and everything else plugged into it is working fine. I’m not sure what happened overnight, but when I woke up my DuoX was dead.

The only other odd thing is I had attempted to update the firmware when the RC was released a while back, but it would not update. My Duo updated fine. I had decided to wait until an update was made available through a push to see if that would take before seeking help, but at this point I won’t be able to try that out.

Are there any other things I can try to trouble shoot this unit or do I have to send it in for repairs? Please let me know and thank you in advance for any helpful suggestions.

Quick follow up for anyone interested…

I contacted support and had to ship my Duo X out for repairs. The screens apparently died and the CPU formatting was corrupt as well which explains why it wouldn’t take updates.

The process has been easy and the fine people at MOD Devices have been attentive and responsive to this issue. Even though it’s not ideal to have a situation like this, their customer support and service have been excellent.


Glad to hear! The Mod team are excellent and are very focused on their customers. They’re even nicer in person (I met them at NAMM for 2 years). Hopefully they sort out what happened and they send you a better unit. I’ve had my Duo from the beginning and it’s never had any problems.