My Amp Sim Captures

Hello there. I have made a whole bunch of captures of some of my favorite amp sims which I’m happy to share with other AIDA-X users on here.

You can find them by going to my post on the Reaper forum (linked below)

Or if you want just a direct link, here you go → Dropbox - Grim Jims AIDA-X captures - Simplify your life

There are guitar and bass amp sim captures in this collection. It took a while to capture these models (multiple attempts and so on) so please let me know if the download works and let me know what you all think.


Hey all. Just want to let you know that I have re-trained the Otto models so they are improved. I tried to aim for 600 epochs but most didn’t go the full distance but they all went beyond 400+ so they’re as accurate as I can get them.


I’ve recently been having fun with a guitar distortion plugin named Blown Out Wall and I have made captures of some of my favorite factory presets and i’m sharing them here for you all to check out.
They are mainly meant to be used like a distortion pedal before an amp.

If anyone wants me to make more captures, just ask (the community has been very quiet here so far) and i’ll do it. :slight_smile:


Who wants a CHAINSAW for Christmas!?

Well, Laboga Chainsaw to be exact. More specifically, captures of the Laboga Chainsaw distortion plugin.These captures are my gift to you all this Xmas. Load these into AIDA-X and you can too get that “chainsaw” guitar tone.

Merry Christmas :slight_smile:



A while ago. I got myself a creative distortion plugin called Dent2 from Plugin alliance while it was on sale.

So I made some guitar tones and bass tones using the plugin and I’m sharing the captures here for you to check out. The link is in the OP along with all the other captures.

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