Multiple actuators

It would be cool if one could assign more than one actuator to plugin parameters. So, for example, we could use a MIDI message as well as a footswitch to toggle an effect.

My use case is like this: I use a MIDI controller to manage presets for my entire guitar rig. A preset change sends CC messages to the Duo to turn certain plugins on or off. But still I would like to have the option to toggle effects manually. Even the visual feedback from the LED whether the effect is on or off would be a great improvement.


Hi @johrek

I don’t have a device to check, but does something like Setting up Macro-Controls using CV point in the right direction?

The example isn’t exactly the same use case, but maybe adapting it will suit your use case?

Thanks @danmh, but although both cases look similar, they are not quite the same. Macro-controls are for controlling many parameters with one actuator. What I want is the opposite: controlling one parameter with different actuators. Currently, when I assign an actuator to a parameter while there is already an actuator assigned, the first one gets deleted.

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@johrek, have you considered using the snapshots feature for this?

Snapshots store the state of all the parameters in a pedalboard, and they can be controlled using MIDI program change messages.

That means that you could assign your footswitches to any of the parameters, and control the “preset” (snapshot) of your pedalboard from a MIDI controller (provided that your controller can send program change messages).