Multi function feature for MOD Footswitch device?

Hello there!
I’m not sure if this topic has been already discussed or not, I didn’t search for it on the forum. I have been facing this problem lately and I just decided to share it.

I want to limit my live performance gear only to the MOD DUO X equipped with two MOD footswitch units…which makes eight footswitches within a preset. Of course the number of footswitches could be enough for the most pedalboards possibly imagined and functional in my music live projects. But if the pedalboard is more complex and contains a looper for example, well… the situation becomes critical because I can run out of switches due to assigning the looper actions on some of them.

And here comes the question and the wonder solution expected from the MOD team :slightly_smiling_face:: is it possible in the future to have multi functions for the footswitches? I mean, separate functions for the footswitches on every page as for the MOD DUO X unit buttons. It would be awesome and most likely make MOD DUO X (and the other MOD versions) the best sound processor unit ever made.

Thanx MOD team for this wonderful work.


hey @qtguy20000 … great idea!

so, essentially you’re looking to view the footswitches as an extension of the onboard Duo X encoders, with the same kind of multi-page assignment grid… let’s clarify the idea :wink:

are you thinking the footswitches would appear in the same assignment grid, and follow the same page allocations as the on-board encoders (switched with the Duo X pagination buttons)? OR… are you thinking the footswitches would have their own independent set of pages, switched i.e. by one of the switches on the footswitch unit, or by one of the on-board encoders (assigned to do that)? i can see either scenario having benefits.

(also… i moved the topic to “Contribute | Feature Requests” :slight_smile: )

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As a Dwarf user without MOD Footswitch, it seams messy to change the footswitches just by changing pages.

But Multi Button to CV - MOD Audio alows you to have 3 function for each footswitch. Could it be the real deal for your live performance gear ?


…another interesting idea, @Rom ! :slight_smile:

i’ve been involved in acoustic playing for a while now, so haven’t yet integrated that plugin into any of my pedalboards, but it really does open up a lot of great possibilities; thanks for the reminder!

your solution and the two variations i outlined really address 3 distinct use cases – just illustrates the potential flexibility of software-based devices like those from MOD. yours, of course, has the distinct advantage of being available NOW! :partying_face:

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Both ways could undoubtedly offer benefits.
Personally I think it would be more appropriate and within the logic of the MOD unit to have the footswitches as extensions of the MOD page.

As you connect footswitch devices to DUO X they appear on each function page as extra options for assigning. They already appear there, right….? But not as multi function.

The idea of changing the footswitch functions along with scrolling the pages would be just fine with me, I don’t think it would be messy (for me as DUO X user). The MOD unit buttons already change their functions with page scrolling…so it will the footswitches.

They could also work as independent multifunction switches, of course. But they will require some sort of a separate page which get activated when connecting footswitches to the MOD unit… I guess …

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(think about getting rid of all the pedals and do the work with MOD DUO X as the only live performance gear)

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I would like to add…

New users of MOD products may not find the idea of a multifunction footswitch useful, as the only MOD product on the market at the moment is Dwarf, a standalone pedal. So they get used to using the Dwarf as it is, without needing an additional footswitch unit. What I mean is that I really wish the MOD team to consider not only users of Dwarf, the only MOD in production, but also users of older MOD products (Duo, Duo X and footswitch) not in production at the moment and continue to develop them.


You’re right, I saw that plugin in the library. Ufortunately I don’t know how to set up Multi Button to CV - MOD Audio and make it work on Duo X. My pedalboarding skills are work in progress :innocent:

arf… sorry !
I think you have to understand how CV works, here is a tutorial (I didn’t read, not sure it is appropriate here) : CV Tutorial - MOD Wiki

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I understand the basics of CV and I created some simple pedalboards with CV plugins being inspired by this forum. But I’m not sure if I really get how this Multi Button to CV - MOD Audio works. I can’t figure how to use this Multi Button to assign stuff and create let’s say a double function for a MOD button of the footswitch device, like controlling on/off a delay pedal and a chorus pedal.

Finally I think I did figure out :blush:


Thank you @Rom, your advice was really helpful :+1::pray: