Multi Button to CV : no label on the device


When I assign the “Button” parameter to a device control, no label appears on the Dwarf screen. Instead, there is “- - -”.

How to reproduce

  1. Add the Multi Button to CV to a pedalboard.
  2. Open the assignment dialog of the “Button” parameter. Assign it to a device control, like footswitch B. Click on “Advanced” and check or change the label. Save.
  3. On the Dwarf screen, there is “- - -” instead of the label of the control.

Additional information

OS release :
Plugin version : 1.0-5

But it is the plugin idea!

Do the following and you will understand.

  • Do a short pressing
  • Do a double short pressing
  • Do a long pressing
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Thanks @SrMouraSilva. Indeed, I didn’t see what happened on the screen when you press the buttons. So this is not a bug. I still think there could be a possibility to have the same information and a label at the same time.

For instance, the short press could display a black background and white text on the 1st third of the label zone. The long press could do the same with the 2nd third and the double press, the last third.

I remember that on the original thread they discussed how to better shows the information. I tried to find and didn’t located it.

About split and coloring a label between three parts, it isn’t possible to do it on the current LV2 HMI implementation.

OK, thanks. I didn’t know that. Maybe there could be a label when no button is pressed and the actual display with stars (*) when a button is pressed. Different LED colors or blinking could also be an idea.

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