Moving from local pd>lv2 compilation to online

Hi, I’m a mod noob, but I’ve got my pd abstraction converted to lv2 and running on the mod dwarf, and would like to try uploading a version to the mod site. I’m not sure what needs to be included for it to work. Should the dpf folder be part of it? Or can I get the .mk file include it from github? Are there any examples of this workflow I could follow? I searched, but I need help!

So far, I used plugdata to generate source for mod-plugin-builder on ubuntu, docker on macos to generate an interface with mod-sdk (couldn’t get mod-sdk to work on ubuntu), modified the interface by hand and loaded to dwarf with curl (couldn’t get mod-sdk to do it on linux or with docker).

Thanks for any advice!

It looks like this (I know the box takes too much screen space… I’m learning):