Most wanted list : Polls

Hi everyone!

How awesome would It be If the plugin and feature requests categories topics had an opnion Poll automatically associated to them?

Please vote!!! :sunglasses:

1 - Incredibly awesome
2 - absolutely awesome


I like this kind of “decision making community driven” approach but I fear it will take a lot of time to see features or plugins implemented. This aspect has been already discussed in the past. We have a lot of threads with feature and plugin requests. As I’ve understood, MOD has a small team to cope with all needs of the community and I think that they are less prone to expose “TODO lists” to the community to avoid conflicting choices (going against the community willing VS company interests) that may suddenly arise at certain point.

As an example, I don’t know how many users asked for Cardinal plugin while there are many of us asking for more amplifiers and guitar oriented improvements. To my eyes, Cardinal plugin popped out from nowhere (internal company strategical decision?) and from my perspective, the time spent on Cardinal activities could have been spent better on other guitar oriented stuff (since I’m not interested in Cardinal world). It’s not my intention to be rude here, it’s just what I noticed and that might be totally wrong!


Hey @redcloud I guess your vote is for #2 - absolutely awesome, then! :laughing:

I totally understand your point of view and agree with you.
Personally I have never heard of Cardinal until a few days ago.
Yes, maybe It´s not interesting to MOD devices to have such a visible pressure on “these or that” request especially if they are not in line with company interests.

Anyways… It was not my intent to start such a deep discussion but since you brought it up I think we may need to go down to this rabbit hole and see if we find wonderland.

Now I’ll “soak my beards” and watch how this will end up. lol


This is so so true. You are looking at it obviously from a guitar player perspective - what is fair, after all the MOD Dwarf is especially designed for guitar players.
One of the things that we have had requested for really long time is a “good modern synth”. Cardinal is a great step into that direction, in my opinion.
Another thing, as you know, MOD is an open platform so any developer can develop and port for the platform. Cardinal is a completely independent project, it just happens that @falkTX is working on it as well as in MOD and he noticed that it wouldn’t be of much effort to port it and make it available in the MOD platform, so he did it. Aside of his “MOD work” and taking out of his “non MOD time” as he stated somewhere. Plus, although not the most common guitar effect, being able to play synths with a guitar is/was a really common request and that’s why the AudioToCV Pitch was released. Cardinal works also on that line.
Cardinal is in beta and to some extent not supported by MOD (not at all developed under the “MOD umbrella”), that’s also why you see a lot of comments here for feature requests or feedbacks on Cardinal being forward to the Cardinal GitHub and documentation pages.

No worries, we don’t take it like that and I hope that you don’t do it with my comment. Most of all I just wanted to clarify a couple of wrong assumptions that you wrote :slight_smile:


I’m actually leaning more to the synth side as opposed to guitar based stuff.
Theres enough multi FX pedals, amp sims and IR loaders.

I can sympathize with redcloud though.

It’s great to have an all in one ampless and pedalboardless rig BUT again Mod Devices needs to differentiate themselves in the market and try not to compete with the likes of AxeFX, L6, Kemper etcetc the best way for Mod Devices to do that is lean more on the stuff that the other companies can’t and wont do :wink: