MorningStar MC6 pro and Mod Dwarf - how to configure

Hi Ant from South Australia as a guitarist and Dwarf newbie.
I’ve created my pedalboard and have hooked up a Morningstar MC6 pro to turn pedals on and off via USB and I can see the the MC pro in MD’s midi window but I obviously haven’t done something right in the MCPro editor as when I assign the switching via midi nothing happens.
Frustrated and loving my amp and analogue pedals right now….
Any help appreciated…


Hi @Antman
In your Morningstar editor Have you :

  • set the preset to TOGGLE (just under the Position 1 frame) ?
  • set the 1st message (Msg 1) in Pos: 1 (not both), so you can engage your plugin with a CC value 127 for example ?
  • set the 2nd message (Msg 2) in Pos: 2, so you can disengage your plugin with a CC value 0 for example ?
  • in the Dwarf’s webUI make a parameter listen to any midi message ?

Here is a simple preset just as described above : it send to channel 2 a CC message the value 127 in position 1 and the value 0 in position 2
preset_B_data.json (3.1 KB)