Morningstar MC6 MKII

Got my MC6 today and I’ve had no luck getting the web editor to work. I have the latest version of google-chrome on mac os x mojave, and have closed and reopened the browser to no effect. The morningstarfx user forum uses the same color font as the background on every browser I’ve tried, so it’s useless to me.

Has anyone gotten the web editor to work on the MC6? I can see the “midi learn” selection when I have it plugged into my ModDuo, but that’s as far as I’ve gotten.

I had issues at first too; just got my MC6 last week. And the weird dark background in the forums is a new development, it used to be legible.

I also find that in both the desktop editor and the web editor, the name of the MC6 won’t show up. But I watched the Morningstar video on the HX Stomp (on the front page of the Morningstar MC6 product page) and was able to get the Mod Duo to respond. Here’s what I did (note this is with the desktop editor, but it should work with the web editor).

Connect both the Mod Duo and the MC6 to your Mac via USB. Connect them to each other with a 5-pin MIDI cable. Enter edit mode on the MC6 by hitting D+F together. As long as the “Device” button on your Mac turns blue, you’re good, even if it doesn’t show the device name.

Press the switch on the MC6 you want to program and it should show up in the editor. Program it per the video (I won’t go into all that process here since it would be repetitive, except to say that I used CC #11 like they do in the vid and it works). Save your presets and exit edit mode.

Then go to the effect you want to control in the Mod Duo editor, choose the actuator drop down and select Midi Learn. Press the button you’ve just programmed on the MC6 and save your pedalboard. You should be good to go!

Thanks! I’ll give this a shot. This is a lot more info than Morningstar gives.!

Okay - problem with Morningstar was due to a problem I’d already discovered months ago while trying to update the duo. I had to write a script to go directly to the site and start it with the (unix) sudo command, which gives the command administrator access. I had to try everything under the administrator account before I remembered that problem with the duo. I’m fairly sure it would be a simple problem to fix but I’m just not familiar enough with mac networking.

I was considering an MC6 MkII…are you saying the Mod Devices editor won’t just MIDI learn when you want to assign to switches? My Melo Audio MIDI Commander works straight off but I need two more switches ideally. Oh, and I’m on a PC with Windows 10 if that matters. I wasn’t planning on using the Morningstar editor unless I have to. Thanks!

So I got the MC6, watched the video they did for the HX Stomp (very helpful), programmed everything according to the right CC messages in my Mod Duo but it only turns things on and not off again even though I programmed two messages, one on (127) and off (0). Very frustrating. I’ve got an email in to Morningstar but so far my Melo Audio MIDI Commander works much easier. Just need two more (6 rather than 4) switches to turn stuff on and off.

Update: Just figured out my mistake. I did everything right but click on “toggle on” in the MIDI app from Morningstar. Got it working. Whoo hoo!! It’s actually quite easy if you take your time. Mod Duo and MC6 don’t even need to be connected to the computer as long as you map the MC6 correctly in the app.


I just noticed that the MC6 is has 7-pin midi and the Duo has 5-pin midi. Do we lose any of the MC6’s functionality because of this?

Hmmm…can’t speak to that because I’m using the MC6 Mk. II via USB. Curious though.

Just read in the Gear Page’s Morningstart MC6 review thread that pins 6&7 are used for phantom power…

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Hmmm…good question. I use my Morningstar connected to my Mod Duo via USB.

Yes. That’s what I do.

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You need to program the MC6 in the Morningstar app for functions but yeah, if I can set it up anyone can .


If you’re stranded without the app, it’s also very possible to program the MC6 using sequences of button (footswitch) presses. It takes a little longer, but works well enough. See here for details:

Morningstar has some helpful videos on YouTube. I think that’s how I figured it out.

Hmmmm…you got me on that one. Have you reached out to the Morningstar folks? They’re pretty good about getting back.

I’m sure they’ll get back today. I never had to wait over 24 hours. I know it sucks if you’re stuck but they will get back from my experience.