More stereo plugins?

Is it possible optionally to program/provide the mono plugins as stereo plugins?
For bass/guitar this is less interesting but if you play stereo instruments this would be a great option.


Yes please! I’d even go a step further and pledge for a “stereo only” policy for all future plugins.

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Thanks to you, I’ve gotten to the subject and here I am asking the question.
But I think it would be good to have both mono and stereo plugins.
Is it possible to make it selectable by an option?
[] mono [] stereo
For bass/guitar I rarely need everything in stereo.

A plugin can easily detect if the input is mono or stereo and can act accordingly. And many already do. An additional option is just bad UX.


I did not know that. So then “automatic” recognize.

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I agree, I bought duo x to use it in stereo with stereo instruments, and most of effects are guitar-oriented thought it’s a tabletop device. It would be great if stereo was a default for effects.

That is not true for LV2 plugins, which we use on the MOD.
A plugin know nothing about the environment it gets load in. It may be loaded unconnected at all. There is no way to add a port dynamical, so that a mono plug becomes stereo, and also no way to remove a port so that a stereo plug becomes mono.
So what you see may just be that you could use a stereo plug even when only one channel is connected. Many plugs have mono/stereo version provided within the same package (and even in the same source code), and act accordingly to which version is loaded by the host/user. So it is indeed the same plug, which could be mono or stereo, but you must decide before you load it, which version you want to use.
As a guitar player, I’ve less use for stereo plugs, true there are some exceptions like phasors, delays, and even reverbs, but mostly I use mono plugs.

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While this is true, it does not have to stay that way forever,
If the need arises and is strong enough, something will be invented.


Sure, but that is music from the future.

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I must say that having mono and stereo plugins bothers me more than it should. I work as a software developer and in contrast to the vast majority of the MOD choices I perceive this as poor architecture.

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It is a side-effect from this not being supported in LV2. Conversation regarding it never went very far.

One quick idea would be to merge mono/stereo versions on the MOD plugin list, and once clicked show both options that allow for dragging into the pedalboard as usual.

Very kind of you to even consider making a change, @falkTX ! But to be honest, your suggestion feels like a quick and dirty solution. Not something I associate with you and the team… I just wanted to chime in and will patiently wait until you find the time to solve this properly by extending the LV2 standard.

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A other need trick would be, like other hosts do, just open e second instance of a mono plug, when a stereo plug is needed/wanted. This second instance could be controlled from the same GUI then the first one. True, that isn’t stereo, but, it’s usable in a stereo chain without cluster the UX.
This could be done even after a plug is loaded, so on the fly. Could be managed for example with a additional toggle provided by MOD UI for any mono plug.
Such a implementation will make all mono plugs dual channel aware without any needed change in a plugin or the specs.


bump this old topic

I am happy to see more stereo plug ins coming and I hope there will be more in the future. I am using my Mod Duo X as a stereo processor only.

Is there a way to have a filter for “stereo plug ins” in the plug in store. I am spending too much time trying to find those, it would make it so much easier and faster.



Not really, but I mapped the request :slight_smile:


Hi Jon :wave: Any updates on this? Would really be an amazing timesaver! :wink:

Not really.
As we reported a few times around the forum, somehow we are wondering about something like a sprint focused on improvements to the WebGUI experience. Yet, that is just in the “wondering mode” at this moment and not yet in the roadmap. A lot is in our plate that needs to be sorted out before.
I’m sorry for not bringing super great news.