More pages of controller assignments

This is a really simple feature request, so I assume it’s been discussed.

I seem to run out of knob/button assignments, with only three pages. Is there any possibility of a fourth or fifth page of assignments?

The Mod Duo X, has a lot of horsepower, and I run out of knobs before I hit 50%


Source: Release 1.10.0-RC1

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Yeah, we doubled the amount of actuator pages from 3 to 6 in the 1.10 release.


This is awesome - one of the things I love about the Mod Duo is how much you can pack into that little box, so getting more control of it is welcome indeed!


Would it be optionally possible - maybe in Device Settings - to double the number of actuation pages from 6 to 12?
With the MOD DUO X you can load/use many plugins.

Hey @khz! Can you tell us a bit more about the particular use case for more required pages?

I have been mostly fine with the 6 pages, but my use case is about organization. I’m not using the Mod with a guitar, I’m using it to make loops and have multi-channel effects chains. So I like to have all the controls for a single chain of effects, or single loop audio path all on one page.

Usually page one is input settings, and any effects I want pre-loop.
Page 2 = first loop settings and effects.
Page 3 = second loop settings and effects.
etc. etc.
Page 6 final output mixer, loop levels and reverb/effect settings.

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Example: under construktion
Hardware: Sonicsmith P1+ and Eventide Rose.
Bass >> P1+_Thru >> DuoX input 1 with effects.
Bass >> Pi+_out >> Rose >> DuoX input 2 with effects.
P1+ controls via CV AMS synthesizer with effects.

Among other things, I want to be able to adjust as much as possible on the synthesizer.


WOW! Lot’s of stuff here haha

Thank you @khz and @S_Righteous for the feedback. This is really nice for us to evaluate the request :wink: We keep you updated if we decide to go for it and if yes, how many pages. Some things to implement may be a bit more tricky.


Sorry to ressurect this old thread, but I’m thinking of buying a 2. hand duo x and I wonder how much controlls I get.

in this wiki it says that the knobs also multiply with the paging

however in the screenshot posted here only buttons and endless knobs are in pages. Does that mean, that this feature was lost in the update?

I’m not sure which screenshot you are referring to, but a screenshot of a pedalboard doesn’t show you which controls in that pedalboard are assigned to the MOD. Usually you will have tons of controls, but only assign some to the knobs and buttons.

The device has buttons that let you scroll through 6 pages of control settings. Each page can use every control on the front: two large endless knobs, six regular knobs and four buttons. So 12 controls x 6 pages = lots of options.

I was referring to this screenshot, where the knobs are not listed.

But cool, 6x all the controls sounds pretty good.

In the picture I took from the wiki at the time, it happened to look like this. Knobs are of course included, see:

Source: MOD Web GUI User Guide - MOD Wiki
Optional even more but would still be nice.

hmm, that looks like the screen where you assign controls to a plug-in, and not all controls of a plug-in can use all physical inputs. So an on/off option might be mappable to a button, but not a knob and then the knobs won’t show. This is what I think we are looking at.

The mod duo x have 6 pages. On each page there are 8 potentiometer, 2 endless knob, 4 assignable button.
There are 2 buttons for navgate thru pages and 1 button that can be use to save a temporary snapshot that will be deleted when you power off the mod duo x, very usefull.