More non-conventional effects 🙏 formant shifters, spectral & granular stuff

So I’m being a bit cheeky because I don’t know how to program plugins, patches or anything like that so I have little to no knowledge when it comes to making this happen, let alone porting to this platform :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
… But I DO own a Mod Duo

The part where I’m being cheeky;
I’m hoping there’s people who could help add some missing/very much “needed” (in my opinion) effects to the Mod Devices?

  1. Formant shifters (not formant filters but FFT based formant shifters)

  2. Spectral effects

  3. Granular effects (there’s two very simple granular delays and a stutter effect)

  4. General experimental/non-conventional effects/generators

  5. This example is kinda perfect because it seems to keep the formants while going up or down in pitch BUT just needs realtime audio input capabilities and a formant shifter parameter (that’s probably tucked in the FFT part of the patch) = 7 and 8-9 Pitch Shifter - YouTube

Haven’t heard this but perhaps this can be ported? =

  1. All the weird stuff is welcome!!
    jo.Spectral Morph version 1.0 by jonasobermueller on
  1. Insert any cool granular effects/generators here xD

  2. Cool FX/generators
    Dirty Tricks by Amazing Noises version 1.0 by IsotonikStudios on

All Max examples but could also be from other platforms ofcourse.

Sorry if I seem intrusive!
Just spitballing and looking for ways to make mod devices even cooler than it already is :grin:

Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:



i do understand the big push on guitar-centric modelling that’s going on now, and how that can really help raise the usability, visibility, and respect in the marketplace; it is a fantastic development that MOD and the community are engaging this so deeply! :clap:

AND it is precisely the flexibility of the platform to do ~other~ things, and to explore in a very open-ended way, which has attracted a lot of us! so, yes, i agree with you @Boi_Social – it has sometimes felt like a bit of a “round peg in a square hole” situation for me. i can visualize how the MOD devices can be so much more than what’s possible with a pedalboard of effects pedals, but there’s definitely more development to be done in that area, in order to really set the platform free for other uses.

we’ve talked about this sort of thing in various other threads here, but i’ll just re-state a core idea related to what you’re asking about: there are many other communities of music-makers who are attracted to the MOD devices, and that broad and varied base of interest will be increased and strengthened once the company and developers are able to concentrate on other ways of working. the Duo X was a huge step in that direction; unfortunately, development on software, plugins, and strategy didn’t have opportunity to track fully with the capabilities of the hardware.

so… yes, bring on the weird!! :person_cartwheeling: …let’s see how far we can push these beautiful little boxes!


I would have a look into Cardinal and learn how to combine existing fx already in the plugin shop or beta with CV and LFO’s. Cardinal already has some granular stuff to check out.

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Well yes, although I’m not sure that competing with existing and more established companies is the best way to move forward. YES neural amp modelling is currently THE hype BUT how long before people start realizing that stuff isnt essential to getting awesome sounds?
That, combined with the fact that the user base for NAM is WAYYY bigger than Aida-X and already has quite a big database of captured amps on a very intuitive user driven platform (tonehunt) might not bring as many new users as hoped :S

I get it; riding the wave of whats hot. But in the long run that wont matter. I’m pretty sure that going all in on flexibility and creativity will bare more fruits than doing all the same stuff as all the other companies.

But thats just my opinion :wink:

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Could you recommend some modules that can do this??

Any response???

Hey, there are many good ones. Just have a look for yourself. From the top of my head: Clouds - and voxglitch and path Set have multiple options.

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Yeah! Imagine we could get the Soundmagic Spectral Suite by Michael Norris to work here! that would be huge:

Maybe we should write him?


Never heard of him or these plugins?! Are there any demoes out?

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