More intuitive and convenient footswitch reassignment

If you want to assign a footswitch to a control, but it’s already assigned to another control, currently the only way to achieve this is:

  1. Find which other control it’s assigned to. The only way to do this systematically is to go through every single option on every single effect, so if your pedalboard is large or has effects with lots of options, this could take a long time.
  2. Once you’ve found it, unassign that control from the footswitch.
  3. Finally assign the new control to the footswitch.

This is an unnecessarily awkward UI. You can see a perfect example of the confusion this creates in this otherwise positive review of the Duo:

Designing a better UI which fixes this problem is very easy. Let’s take the exact example from the above video, where footswitch 1 is assigned to the On/Off of the Switchbox, and you want to reassign it to the channel switcher option.

In the improved UI, you would go directly to the Channel option and hit the assign icon. Now rather than footswitch 1 being omitted from the Actuator dropdown, it would be displayed as “MOD:Footswitch 1 (currently assigned to Switchbox - On/Off)”. This instantly eliminates the problem in step 1 above of having to find out what it is assigned to.

Secondly, it would then be possible to select this Actuator directly, at which point a dialog window would pop up which says “MOD:Footswitch 1 is currently assigned to Switchbox - On/Off. Do you want to reassign it to Switchbox - Channel?” and has Yes and No buttons. If you click Yes then it would automatically unassign from On/Off and reassign to Channel. This would eliminate the need for step 2.

In summary, the whole process would be significantly more intuitive and convenient. In the video example above, it would have entirely removed any confusion and struggle with the UI.

Finally I should note that this feature request is predicated on the fact that each footswitch can currently only be assigned to a single function, although people are already suggesting that it should be possible to make them more flexible somehow, e.g. Idea : assign more stuff on footswitchs.