More audio inputs?

Thanks for your reply, @falkTX

But unfortunately this did not solve it. Strangely there was no if statement around the export…

It is there for 1.9, so you are not running things up to date?

No, unfortunately I had to downgrade since I have a very early “Limited Edition” Device which has some instabilities with 1.9 :frowning:

Can you be more clear? Most of the things I know about are fixed now.
And 1.9.3 coming up in a few minutes

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The unit often got stuck during boot (MOD DUO / X) screen. Sometimes I had to reboot it several times until it finally worked.

I contacted support and Salvador told me this is a known issues in 1.9.2 some old devices have which will be fixed. He suggested me to downgrade to 1.8 until then.

ah that, you might be in luck for 1.9.3 since we gave this a lot of attention for it.

Now it’s working. Now I have slightly too many channels :see_no_evil:. But I’m verry happy this is working and I’m able to start to mess around with this setup.

Thank you for your help!


Wow @rolego seems impressive… A “tutorial for rookies” would be great :wink: , I’m sure lots of users would love to have this, specially the ones with Duo X which has more muscle to do this kind of things…

This is something I see a lot of potential, as Rolego said, The Duo X is something very “studio oriented”, and being able to route instuments via USB to the Duo X and effect them is great, or at least take out the synth instruments of the Duo X separated from the 2 instruments you can have.

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Dear @danielrm

Yes, to be honest, the current configuration of Duo X does not make much sense in my eyes: that much power and possibilities while being limited to two audio channels. Especially in a DAWless or live situation this is very limiting.
In my eyes supporting class compliant USB interfaces (maybe restricted to a certain number of devices, maybe restricted to the number of channels) would be a compelling feature for a device that is designed to be used on the desk where in most cases one would have more than one audio (source-) devices and would like to get the signals separately after FX. But according to @falkTX the team does consider this as “not a very common usecase” and thus I do not expect support for this in the future.

But anyway: I’ll write down a tutorial on how to do this even if I don’t think this is a sustainable setup as it could be broken with any future update.


you were correct in what you said, except this part.
Once we deal with the dwarf USB audio, adding support for this will be quite simple since it will be reusing the same system components.
But that only takes cares of the behind-the-scenes stuff. To make this feature viable, it needs to have some options on the UI (for setting up a few things like buffer size and bitrate).


These are great news! To work until then with an experimental setup is fine for me as long as I do not have to fear to invest to a dead-end.

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Good to hear that! I think it makes all the sense, I mean in the Mod Duo which was a “guitar-oriented stompbox” I could say “ok, I’m trying to use it in other way, it’s normal that it’s not prepared for that”…

But in the DuoX… I mean, we all love that machines like the Digitakt or the Octatrack have separated channels for their sounds in USB, and the DuoX is generating sounds with its synths, samplers… I thinks it’s a very natural and good way to improve the machine.


Thanks Rolego, I’m sure lots of people here will love it! :+1:t3:

Any updates on this, now that the Dwarf is a bit more stable? I’d love to get my Motu M4 routing in and out of my Duo X — it detects cleanly, and I’m game to start digging into manual config once I get the unrelated networking issue I’m having sorted, but it would be nice if it had gotten a bit easier in the mean time. :slight_smile: Having more than two audio channels available makes the whole device more useful to me than e.g. three separate two channel devices would be, because it adds possibilities for e.g. compressor side-chaining, etc.


No updates in actual work done for this yet, sorry.

We made a plan for it though, we will go with a plugin as a way to add support for this. Which works for both the unit as audio device, and using external usb devices.

Short-term we are prioritizing giving the new 1.11 dwarf features to the duox on a 1.12 release.


Glad to hear it’s in the pipeline. I’ve got a couple of dwarves around that I can use in the mean time, although that makes getting wired ethernet working much more important, to be able to configure multiple pedals at once.

I cannot tell you how excited I am for this. I’ve been wanting to run my entire electronic set up consisting of three Elektron boxes (OT, MD, MnM), a eurorack case, Nord Modular, Norns and Aleph (monome), all through a single effects processor and midi hub. I really do not want to get a mixer for this, but just an interface connected to the Mod Duo X. This is such a dream.

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It could get even better! There’s a project which enables Overbridge for Linux:
As far as I can see, there are good chances that this would work on Mod hardware as well. Imagine plugging your three guys via Overhub into the Duo X where you can add some effects to all of the single tracks. :open_mouth:
What’s your opinion @falkTX?


very interesting project. I need to get my hands on one of those, to see how well the project works.
assuming it works fine as-is, repackaging it as a plugin would probably be pretty straight forward :thinking:


Just want to resurface my excitement and a friend of mines excitement for interface audio inputs and possible overbridge style effects processing. I’d own 3 minimum. 1 for guitar/vocals/polysynth duties, 1 for electronic setup effects processing and midi hub, and another for daw session effects chains.

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