Moose Mood (A textured ambient board)

Well alrighty…

I think I have created something usable. I took some inspiration from chase bliss mood and the hologram microcosm. Seeing as I don’t own either of those pedals for comparisons, I am probably wayyy off the mark.

That being said, I am happy to introduce my Moose Mood board. I hope it sounds good on other instruments haha!

I forgot several annotations that I am correcting currently. Can someone from MOD remove this board from the feed while I work on the final touches please?


Here is the board with more detailed annotations, which should allow for more precise exploration of the patch.

This version is hidden from the main feed until I am confident that it’s finalized lol

if there is confusion on my notes, or functions, please let me know here, so I can get more concise and user friendly before publishing.

Hope all is well with you, and enjoy!

Audio Sample of board in context:


oh crap lmao, I loaded this board on the dwarf and the power difference is extreme.

I will make a dwarf specific board before I finalize anything.

In fact, all future boards will be developed on the dwarf, and I’m listing my MDX for sale (along with other stuff).

I would like to continue supporting and designing on the MOD platform, but the dwarf is going to bring some severe limits. Maybe someone else would like an MDX to work with.

All I want/need is the Dwarf and expression pedal, at least until the MDX II, or desktop studio unit is being produced lol


Actually, this board can’t be used at all with the dwarf. Even with 256 buffer the CPU is maxed just due to the control scheme work around.

I will have to pull this one apart and see where the load is coming from piece by piece, the lowest I’ve been able to drop it is 90% and thats unusable. I’ll continue testing over the week

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okay siiiiick.

I have removed the RMPro instances and gained back stereo channels. CPU sits in between 75-80% (which is high for my comforts). Made some adjustments, as right now I am working on Bladerunner-esque patches with lots of deep bass drones, resonant noise, percussive elements, and dark sub harmonics. this board seems to compliment the synthesis I’m focusing on. That being said, there is plenty of range for this, as I originally built this for brighter sounds lol


nice, I was going to try out the last version, but I’m glad you put out a Dwarf-specific one!


Me too. Those RMPro plugins really suck some juice.

I’m hoping there is a way to simplify the control scheme. Looperlative is looking into adding midi control of the parameters of his plugins.

If he can get that feature request added, I can pull half of the CV stuff out and maybe squeek some other stuff in while reducing CPU more.

Fingers crossed! For right now, this is gonna give me some ambiance to play with in a darker track lol

created a secondary board that is a rhythmic ambient board for drones. Audio sample is a patch from my Roland SH-4D through a Walrus D1 and into my Elk Rhythmic Waves board.


Huh, I finally got a chance to load the Dwarf-specific one on my Dwarf and it instantly spikes the CPU, doesn’t come down at all below 100%. I tried it again to be sure… what is your CPU at here? I feel like my unit has some quirks, but it hasn’t struggled with a board quite this much before.

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See if running at 256 frame buffer improves. I am always running the 256 over 128.

My set up is permanent in a “studio” environment, so the added latency (negligible) is not a problem.

My dwarf powers this board in between 70-80% (really high for my liking) when set to 256 frame

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You could also stick Portal right before the Shiroverb MKII to knock it down to about 76%


Thank you for the tip!

I haven’t exactly wrapped my head around portal can do. Glad to see it can reduce the load a bit lol