Moog, Mutable and Strymon plugins

Hi Mod team!

It would be great if there would be more paid plugins like new Moog plugins, Strymon BigSky (but the one can be to CPU heavy). As I know Mutable lets to use their sounds for free - Poly Beebo uses some of mutable sounds (they sound really good). It would make really good marketing for mod devices if there would be some branded plugins available. I would love to spend money on them :wink:


In regards to Moog and Strymon you’d have to contact them. They currently do not support Linux, let alone LV2. It would require quite some lobbying to convince them otherwise …

With Mutable it’s literally not possible to use their branding. You can use their code, but the branding and design has to be augmented. It is already possible to run Mutable modules via Cardinal of course. I’ve also built the Poly Effects ports for MOD and they work but are not exactly ideal in the plugin format (also still need design).


My tip for this: Build the effects you want to have with the existing plugins. There is much more possible than you think at first. The great thing about the mod platform is its flexibility. When you build effects, think not only about the plug-ins themselves, but also about the wiring, which has a significant influence on the desired effect. And in the Mod platform the wiring is completely free (one of the main advantages of the mod platform).

I have “emulated” some effects that I had as individual pedals with the Mod plugins. The results are amazingly similar. I have often read through descriptions, tests and manuals of effect pedals, there is a lot about the signal processing in the pedals. This makes it easier to connect the right plugins together.
For BigSky you e.g. can try to stack Reverbs and Delays with different characteristics.


Yes, I am aware of mod posibilities, I love its tweakibility, I ve spent a lot of time making very complex boards, but it would be nice to have some plugins which refers to existing hardware effects. I supposed it would be hard to implement previously mentioned ones but maybe there are other which could be put into MOD. It would be a great marketing tool and would encourage new customers to get mod plus some of us would love to spend their money purchasing them.


Except you can’t market someone else’s brand that you have no rights to.


Poly effects sort of did though ; )


Saying “contains code from” is not the same as using someone else’s name and branding.

In the case of Mutable Instruments they have explicit permission (from the manual):
“Mutable Instruments modules names are used with permission from Mutable Instruments.”

However the collection is called “Lenticular” and each of the modules is named differently as well.

I had contact with Émelie about reusing the original artwork in some way, but that would go against their design guidelines and wouldn’t look as good, so we scrapped that idea.


I’m huge fan of Strymon reverb. I absolutely love the sound that I get from it. However, I find the Shiro reverbs get the job done especially for live performances. Take some time with the MOD and its plugins and you may find that you can tweak it to sound as you’d like. After all, it is just amazing what you can get out of this small box.


It is possible to use some of the the mutable based plugins on your device, if you can wrap your head around Cardinal, there’s a lot of modules available from the virtual modular world.

I’ve made a board for testing purposes which you can find here:


Hi DupeSupreme,
this is really interesting! I will test it as soon as I am back home. I’m looking forward to that! Many thanks for posting this pedalboard.
And nice that the servers are back… :smiley:


It was done in a bit of hurry, so I can recommend you try out Cardinal in your favourite DAW.
You can find it here Cardinal 22.10
Otherwise I’ll try and tweak it a bit more later.
If I figure out a way to make a better way to do a freeze trigger proper.

Many of the fx modules love modulation, so I really recommend you throwing some lfo on those parameters


I suppose this same story would be with Eventide plugins?

Considering they are not opensource, yes. You’d have to contact them about porting their plugins to a niche platform like MOD.

How (un)realistic that is you can determine yourself :wink:

Yes, I am aware of this, but I had to ask :wink:

You don’t have to ask about every single proprietary plugin. We know the answer already :slight_smile: